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About Abruzzo

Situated east of Rome on the Adriatic coast, Abruzzo is one of Italy's twenty regions and is one of the country's least-populated areas. Perfect for vacationers seeking a traditional Italian experience, Abruzzo offers miles and miles of placid countryside, outstanding authentic cuisine and scenic seacoast beaches. A bridge between northern and southern Italy, Abruzzo is widely considered one of the most beautiful parts of the country and makes for a unique travel experience.

Some of the varied attractions and activities you can enjoy in Abruzzo include:

  • Beaches: Abruzzo has 129 kilometers of coastline, and much of it has been converted to resorts. Kick back and relax on the Adriatic shores in one of Europe's best-kept secrets.
  • Ski resorts: This region is also popular in winter, as the hilly terrain of its interior offers outstanding opportunities to ski Abruzzo. The region is home to some of the most celebrated ski resorts in continental Europe.
  • L'Aquila: The regional capital, L'Aquila, has a history dating back to the mid-13th century and is a perfect place to enjoy the conveniences of urban living without the hustle, bustle and headaches of a busy city.
  • Parks: Abruzzo's parks are beautiful and plentiful, offering a quiet glimpse into the legendary serenity of the Italian countryside. Camping in Abruzzo is inexpensive, and makes for an excellent way to spend a night or two in communion with nature.
  • Food and drink: Abruzzo is home to numerous unique local delicacies, including wild boar ham, liver salami, sheep's cheese and burrata, a treasured delicacy of buttery cheese. Be sure to try ratafia, a black cherry wine that is fermented outdoors during the summer.

The region's location on the Adriatic coast and scenic beauty make it a popular destination in the summer months. However, visiting during the winter is equally rewarding as the region's snow-capped peaks offer outstanding skiing and snowboarding. Vacation rentals make ideal accommodations for visitors to Abruzzo, offering visitors more comfort and privacy than hotels at often more affordable rates. Beachfront villas, urban flats and trendy apartments are among your many options. If you want to continue your Italian sojourn, Abruzzo is only about 50 kilometers east of Rome.