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The expansive nightlife, cultural festivals and picturesque views from the charming village of Asciano provide activities for just about every type of traveler to enjoy during their stay in the Tuscan region. Some of the best Italian cuisine in the country awaits you at the restaurants along Corso Giacomo Matteotti, while the boutiques on Tiberio Gazzei feature clothes from local designers as well as internationally known brands. Of course, many people choose to come to Asciano for the historic architecture and fantastic performing arts scene, so save some time for the many attractions and activities in town.

Here are just a few of the must-see destinations and things to do while in Asciano:

  • Banchi di Sopra: The upscale and trendy shops that line this street make it very popular amongst the locals for an evening stroll.
  • Raccolta della Seda Storica del Monte dei Paschi di Siena: Known as one of the oldest banks in the world, this bank has headquarters that are housed inside a 15th century palace.
  • Teatro dei Rinnovati: Located inside the Palazzo Pubblico, this local theatre puts on an excellent range of productions throughout the year.
  • Palazzo Chigi Saracini: Although this palace has been renovated over the years, its classic gothic architecture and timeless beauty have always remained the same.
  • Antiporto di Camollia: Built almost 800 years ago, this port is a great place to better understand the history of Asciano while taking in the amazing sunsets.
  • Fonte Branda: Built in the late 12th century, this fountain maintains an important historical element as it was an aid for survival during the wars that have taken place in this town throughout history.

Italians take their food and drink very seriously, and the range of gastronomic events and festivals in and around Asciano certainly reflect that. Buy and taste the locally made cheeses, oils and truffles during the Crete Naturalia Market in December, join the throngs of families that picnic in the countryside during Pasquetta in April, or celebrate the newly produced olive oil during the Festa dell'Olio every December.

There are also plenty of condos available to choose from in Asciano. Whether you want to be near the historical attractions in the middle of town, or surrounded by rolling hills in the suburbs, there's a vacation rental that will put you exactly where you want to be for your dream trip.

Asciano has plenty of old-world charm, but there are also larger cities nearby that serve as excellent day trips. If you have some extra time to explore, enjoy the beautiful architecture and world famous artwork that can be found in the regional capital of Florence, the sloping hills of Arezzo, or the classic monument in Pisa known as the Leaning Tower, all of which can be reached within two hours by car or train.