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About Baja California

The world's second-longest peninsula, Baja California is a Mexican region that extends south from the U.S. border, shooting down along the western edge of the country. Baja California is an alluring and exotic vacation destination, with vast expanses of desert, quiet volcanoes, and pastel-colored canyons that wend and wind their way through the rough wilderness. Along its coastlines, you'll find miles and miles of soft sands and never-ending sunshine that signals that you're truly in one of the hottest places on Earth.

If you're in Baja California, some of the activities and attractions that might interest you include:

  • Playas de Rosarito: An easy day trip from Southern California, Playas de Rosarito is a stretch of once-untouched beach that first rose to prominence as a Hollywood filming location. Today, it is under development as a vacation destination, but there's still plenty of quiet and solitude to be found along its sandy coastline.
  • Cabo san Lucas: A hub for Mexican cruises and water sport enthusiasts, Cabo san Lucas is a picturesque city located at the southern tip of Baja California. It has plenty of natural and man-made monuments and attractions to see, including the Church of San Lucas and the Land's End rock formations. Come here if you want to spend a day pampering yourself in a spa in Baja California.
  • Canyon de Guadalupe: If you're up for an adventure, Canyon de Guadalupe is well worth a visit. While it will take some effort to get to this remote location, those who come here are rewarded with unspoiled nature at its finest. In addition to an impressive canyon, you'll also find groves of palm trees, idyllic waterfalls, and mysterious ancient hieroglyphs. The area makes for excellent Baja California camping.
  • Land and water sports: Baja California's rugged terrain is perfect for ATV outings and hiking adventures. Popular water sports include kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving, as well as some of the best sport fishing in North America.
  • Cave painting tours: Take a guided tour of the hieroglyphs and cave paintings left behind by the area's ancient residents.

During your stay in Baja California, take advantage of the space and privacy offered by vacation rentals. These properties are widely available in popular destinations throughout the peninsula, and offer all the comforts of home to travel groups of all sizes.

Further exploration of Mexico and Southern California is easy from Baja Mexico. Simply head north across the Tijuana border to get to San Diego, or cross the peninsula in the east to reach the Mexican mainland.