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About Balearic Islands

This cluster of islands lies in the Mediterranean Sea, off the southeast coast of Spain, and while each has its own distinct personality, they are united by astonishing natural beauty, beautiful weather and a Spanish fiesta vibe. Though many come for the sunsets, siestas and fiestas, the Balearic Islands are also filled with history, something that's evident in the monuments and churches that sprinkle the landscape.

The Balearic Islands are extremely popular with visitors from all over the world. If you're visiting, you can hop from island to island or base your stay on one of the five major islands in the archipelago:

  • Mallorca: This is the largest island in the group, and most vacationers come for the spectacular beaches. Exploring has its rewards, as well; outstanding golf, hiking, nature trails and outdoor activities are here waiting to be discovered.
  • Minorca: Minorca is the least overrun and crowded of the Balearic Islands. Largely unspoiled and filled with natural serenity, the entire island of Minorca is a nature preserve, with over 75 percent of its surface under strict ecological protection.
  • Ibiza: Ibiza is a partygoer's paradise. It tends to draw a younger crowd of vacationers and travelers to soak up the sun and fiestas until dawn.
  • Formentera: The southernmost and smallest island in the chain, Formentera draws throngs of vacationers to its spectacular beaches and offers a thriving nightlife that's a touch tamer than its wilder cousin, Ibiza.
  • Cabrera: Primarily a destination for island boat tours, Cabrera is largely undeveloped, offering outstanding scuba diving, sailing, and water sports.

If you're seeking thrills and adventure, the best time to visit the Balearic Islands is between Easter and the end of August. Millions of travelers from all around the world flock to the islands during these months to soak up the sunshine and enjoy a much-needed vacation.

Vacation rentals make ideal accommodations for visitors to the Balearic Islands. If you want comfort and privacy as well as convenience, staying in a beach villa or apartment rental is the ideal solution. Plenty of options are available, from beachfront vacation houses to accommodations in the islands' cities.

From the Balearic Islands, it's an easy journey to mainland Spain. The major cities of Granada and Barcelona are within easy distance, and offer even more to visitors looking for a deeper glimpse into Spain's welcoming and vibrant culture.