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About Bandera

Bandera, Texas, is known as the cowboy capital of the world. For visitors, this glorious destination offers sunshine, stunning natural landscapes and horseback riding. Find your ideal rental on FlipKey and choose Bandera as the location for your next vacation! With an abundance of attractions and a warm welcome awaiting your welcome, what more could you want?

About Bandera, Texas

Bandera, Texas, has a rich heritage linked to horses and you’ll see many ranches when you visit. As well as being a hotspot for cowboys and their cattle, you’ll find over 200 species of bird in the area. Despite its small population, those who love horse-riding will adore it here.

If you‘re planning on visiting the area, the best time to go is during spring when the temperatures are slightly cooler and you can relish the relatively pleasant weather. Furthermore, it’s less crowded during this time of year.

Bandera has a very hot and humid summer with colder winters. August is the hottest month of the year and there is a little rain throughout the year. When it does rain, it’s mainly in the form of local showers.

What to do in Bandera, Texas

If you come to Bandera, you must check out the horses. There are events throughout the year celebrating this tradition. For adventure seekers, or those who want to get closer to the animal residents, a horseback riding tour is a must. Juniper Hill Stables offer the perfect riding experience for even beginners and it’s something all ages will enjoy.

If the weather isn’t too humid, then a hike in one of the area’s most stunning natural landscapes is a welcome addition to your itinerary. Hill Country State Natural Area boasts rugged wildlife alongside local flora. You’re also likely to see white tail deer and horses along the way, too.

For local delicacies, there are plenty of options. OST restaurant offers a casual setting, yet its dishes are delightful. Choose from the chicken fried steak or refreshing salad as you relax with a beer or two. Elsewhere, take a stop at The China Bowl for a taste of the Orient. The dishes here can offer a welcome break from burgers and steaks.

Top travel tips for Bandera, Texas

If you choose to fly to Bandera, it’s likely that you’ll arrive at San Antonio International Airport, which is located 38 miles from the town. From the airport, you can travel by airport shuttle or hire a private car to take you to your rental accommodation.

Anyone vacationing in Bandera, Texas is sure to enjoy the hot weather, beautiful nature and horse trails this wonderful destination has to offer. And those who love being in the great outdoors be warned—you may never want to leave! Start searching FlipKey for your perfect vacation rental, today, before packing your suitcase. This is one getaway you’re going to remember for a long time!