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About Bengaluru


Bangalore is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka and is India's answer to Silicon Valley, although it's called the Garden City. It's known for its nightlife, food and innovation. Find a vacation rental with FlipKey to take you to the heart of the action.

About Bangalore

Bangalore was founded in 1537 and started out as a mud fort. Its original name, ‘Bengaluru’ derives from 'bende kaalu ooru', meaning 'the town of boiled beans.' It was founded by Kempe Gowda. He was helped to build the fort by King Achutaraya.

After India became independent in 1947, the city grew dramatically.

Bangalore's a mixture of several Indian cultures and, now that it is 'India's Silicon Valley', the inhabitants come from all over the world. This fact is reflected in its festivals, which include Dussera, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Varmalakshmi Puja, Christmas and Eid, among others.

As you would expect of an ethnically diverse area, the food is also varied. There are restaurants serving Bangalore cuisine as well as food from other parts of India and the rest of the world. So plenty for your tastebuds to explore and enjoy!

What to do in Bangalore

Visit the Buddhist temple of Iskon in northern Bangalore, and the Shivoham Shiva Temple on the Old Airport Road. For a contrast in architecture, visit Saint Mary's Basilica - the tower is spectacular. When you leave the Basilica, sample some of the street food on offer outside it.

If you are an art lover, go to the National Gallery of Modern Art. It has a cafe for you to relax in after you have wandered around the exhibits.

Probably the most famous attraction in Bangalore is Lal Bagh, some incredibly beautiful botanical gardens, dating from the 18th century. There is also Cubbon Park, home to 6,000 species of trees and plants.

Another attraction is Bangalore Palace, seemingly modeled on Windsor Castle in the UK.

Tipu Sultan's Palace is another place to include on your itinerary. It is now a museum, but it used to be the sultan's summer palace. It is uniquely constructed from teak wood.

Top travel tips for Bangalore

You can easily get around Bangalore by metro, bus or motorized rickshaw (autorickshaw) - a different way to travel. Of course, there are also the more conventional taxis.

You can get from the airport to Bangalore by taxi, or bus. The bus is cheaper but your journey will take longer.

If you go to Bangalore by train, be sure to book a sleeper cabin. Passengers from western countries complain about lack of privacy on trains. Expect to tip porters about 50 rupees per bag.

The standard 10 per cent can be given to waiters. However, you are free to decide as it's not an obligation.

Bangalore's climate is temperate compare to other parts of India. The best month to visit is February. 

You will be delighted by the sights, historical sites and sounds there. Why not book your trip now? You won't regret it. See India's future as you walk around Bangalore! For the perfect vacation rental accommodation, see the thousands of options on FlipKey.