Featured Basque Country Properties

About Basque Country

A culturally unique region in the north of Spain, Basque Country is famous for its delectable cuisine, welcoming people, and scenic coastline. Traces of its long and complex history can be seen throughout the region, and Basque Country is well off the beaten path as far as European tourism goes. If you want to enjoy an authentic Spanish holiday complete with some of the best food you've ever eaten, Basque Country is an excellent place to visit.

The region's top attractions include:

  • Bilbao: The biggest city in Basque Country is filled with charms and curiosities that have enchanted many a visitor. Hilly and surprisingly green given the region's arid climate, Bilbao is home to the region's best museums, including the Guggenheim, and features beautiful squares for people-watching and some of Basque Country's most striking churches and cathedrals.
  • San Sebastian: One of the most popular destinations in Basque Country, San Sebastian is built around a dramatic coastline that includes tall, imposing bluffs and scenic in-city beaches that make for a unique sightseeing experience.
  • Zarautz and Zumaia: These are two of the most-visited beaches in Basque Country.
  • Guernica: One of the cultural and historical centers of Basque Country, Guernica is well worth a stopover if you're interested in learning more about the people that populate this beautiful corner of Spain.
  • Getaria: If it's fresh seafood you want, Getaria is one of the best places to be in all of Europe. A fishing harbor community, Getaria's restaurants feature catches of the day and serve up meals you'll remember for years to come.

Your stay in Basque Country will best be enjoyed in a vacation rental. These options include villas and cottages on the region's beaches and shores as well as trendy apartments in the cities. Rental options offer visitors more space and privacy than a hotel and are perfect for couples on holiday, groups traveling together, or families enjoying the best Spain has to offer.

If you have some extra time in the area, head east along the coastline to the French Basque region to enrich and enlighten your understanding of this unique European culture.