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About Beech Mountain

Beech Mountain, North Carolina

Beech Mountain is the ultimate anytime destination! Winter or summer, there is always something for you at Beech Mountain. 

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About Beech Mountain

The Cherokee Indians once called Beech Mountain "Klonteska", or pheasant. Once their hunting ground, the town has since bloomed into a thriving community.

Many historical events happened in Beech Mountain including the 1864 Battle of Beech Mountain during the Civil War!

In 1965-67, Harry and Grover Robbins purchased land in Beech Mountain with the hopes of creating a resort development. It wasn't until 1981 that Beech Mountain became a town.

Since then, Beech Mountain has become the perfect retreat to escape the pressures of daily life. Known as the highest town in Eastern America at a whopping 5,506 feet, you'll find your adventurous side at Beech Mountain with all sorts of recreational activities on offer! Choose hiking, skiing, mountain biking opportunities... there’s something for everyone.

Take in Beech Mountain's breathtaking beauty and turn on your vacation mode!

What to do

If you're visiting in the summer then start your adventure at the Buckeye Recreation Center. Find indoor tennis, basketball courts, and activities for kids, so no one will ever get bored!

Want to get your heart racing? Then head on over to Emerald Outback! This trail park offers over eight miles of trail near the top of the mountain. Enjoy gorgeous views while you take in nature.

During winter, your best bet is Beech Mountain Resort. It is the perfect surrounding to learn how to ski! You'll also be able to enjoy their glass roundhouse skybar at the top of the mountain.

After a long day on the slopes, why not head on over to Brick Oven Pizzeria for yummy pizza? Warm yourself up with a coffee at the coffee shop beside the restaurant, as well!

Top Beech Mountain travel tips

You'll have to stop over at the Hickory, Charlotte, and Tennessee airports before reaching Beech Mountain. From there, you will need a rental car to get to Beech Mountain.

A Beech Mountain vacation is nothing without a stop to the Land of Oz. This now closed theme park reopens during the annual Autumn at Oz Festival and various times in the year. Why not visit Dorothy's house and skip down the yellow brick road?

Beech Mountain is a town to visit during all seasons! Home to enticing views and a relieving getaway from city life, Beech Mountain is the perfect spot to visit. Browse and book a Beech Mountain vacation rental with FlipKey.