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About Big Pine Key

Big Pine Key, Florida

This may seem like a small island, but it has a big heart. You'll always be welcome in Big Pine Key—and there's always something to do. 

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About Big Pine Key, Florida

Tourists come to Big Pine Key for a bit of sunshine and small town living. You'll quickly become part of the community during your stay, so much so that you may not want to leave!

Embrace the low-key lifestyle and escape from your busy life for a week or two. Feel like a local—grab groceries from Winn-Dixie and explore the shopping center. 

There are plenty of restaurants, a Beal's Outlet store and a RadioShack—we bet you didn't think it’d have all of that, did you?

The shopping center is also home to the visitors’ center for the National Key Deer Refuge. It's worth going there to find out more about the area, and the local wildlife.

While it may seem like a sleepy town, it's got pretty wild nightlife—there are restaurants, clubs and bars that stay open until late and have great deals on drinks.

What to do

Visit the Blue Hole—it's an abandoned rock quarry from years ago. It's now filled with fresh water and is a great place to spot the local wildlife, including birds, snakes, alligators and green iguanas.

Seeing those animals makes for a great day out, but the species Big Pine Key is most famous for is Key deer. Head to the refuge, where you'll see the majority of them. They're an endangered species, but they're well looked after here. Don't be shocked at how small they are—they're the size of a large dog, and very cute.

If you've had your fill of nature, try one of the many water sports on offer. You can go boating, fishing, scuba diving snorkeling and more during your stay. Just take your pick!

Looking for a great beach? There are stretches of white sand at Bahia Honda State Park. It's a great place to spend a day.

Top travel tips

As deer are everywhere—including the road—you should pay special attention when driving. They tend to come out at night, so keep your wits about you.

Where there's great fishing, there's great seafood restaurants, and Big Pine Key doesn't disappoint. Try some of the local produce during your stay.

Make sure you check out the flea market, too. It's open on Sundays and has everything you could possibly need during your vacation.

Whether you're here for the beach, hospitality or wildlife, you'll have a great time in Big Pine Key. Explore and discover everything this island has to offer during your stay by booking your rental accommodation on FlipKey.