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About Bimini

Bimini, Bahamas

With gorgeous secluded white sandy beaches and azure waters hosting spectacular marine life, the Bimini Islands are for you.

It's one of the most unspoiled areas of the Bahamas, which, despite its beauty, has managed to retain its small-town charm. Check out Bimini vacation rentals with FlipKey, today.

About Bimini

Sitting just 50 miles from Miami in the shape of a fish hook, Bimini has always been a favorite haunt of big game and sports fishermen thanks to the wildlife-rich waters of the Gulf Stream.

Tourists still come (author Ernest Hemingway stayed for two years), but now that big game hunting is frowned upon, it's the north of the islands and the Bimini Bay Resort in particular that gets all the attention.

Alice Town on seven-miles long North Bimini (which has two decent roads) is the main settlement, while South Bimini only has one community at Port Royale.

Conch salad is the local dish of the Bahamas. The raw fish is served with tomatoes, green peppers and onion with an orange and lime dressing then topped with hot peppers. The best version is from the beachside wooden hut called Stuart's – try it!

What to do

Go to the Dolphin House and get photos. Made from shells, crushed coral, reclaimed tiles and other items found on the island, this local author's home in Alice Town is as big a tourist attraction as is the nearby Bimini Museum.

Swim with eight feet long man-eating sharks on the Bimini Bull Run. Don't worry, you may be 45 feet underwater, but it'll be in a cage! If you want to swim with a friendlier sea mammal, then a boat trip to meet wild dolphins may be more your scene.

Experienced divers or snorkeling fans can get a boat out to the semi-sunken shipwreck SS Sapona, which was grounded by a hurricane in 1926. Other shipwrecks on Bimini to explore include Victory Reef and Rainbow Reef.

If you don't like getting your hair wet, visit the mangrove-strewn cays near to Bimini by kayaking or paddleboarding across.

Top Bimini travel tips

Get a plane from Florida, Freeport or Nassau into the tiny Bimini Airport. Alternatively, go by 35-minute seaplane from Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

The best time to go to Bimini is in the winter when the temperature averages around 70 degrees and is out with the rainy season (May to October).

Tourists get around the island on either a golf cart or bike. There's a tram on North Bimini, from Alice Town to Porgy Bay.

Paradise for those who love watersports, fishing and sunbathing on beautiful beaches, the Bimini Islands also boast some of the best fresh seafood around, thanks to their abundant waters. Stay on quieter South Bimini or enjoy the nightlife on the bigger island via a FlipKey vacation rental.