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About Brookings

Brookings, Oregon

Once a former fishing and lumber town, Brookings is today a travel hotspot that attracts thousands of summer tourists. From expansive beaches and river adventures, to fantastic sunsets, you can experience it all by renting a Brookings vacation rental on FlipKey.

About Brookings

Located on Oregon’s southern pacific coast just north of the California border, Brookings is often referred to as being in Oregon’s Banana Belt, due to its mild winter temperatures.

Founded in 1908, the city was named after the president of the Brookings Lumber and Box Company, John E. Brookings.

Primarily a lumber company town with a fishing harbor, Brookings’ claim to fame occurred during WWII when a Japanese submarine launched a float plane to drop incendiary bombs on the forest. The mission failed, leaving Brookings as the only continental part of the U.S. to be bombed during the war.

Popular as a retirement destination, Brookings, and the surrounding area, has a population of 13,000, but swells during the summer months by tourists drawn to its unspoiled beaches and magnificent scenery.

The town also holds festivals such as the invitational Southern Oregon Kite Festival, attracting kite enthusiasts from around the world.

What to do

If you’re looking for trendy restaurants and nightlife, leave now because Brookings has none of that to offer. What it does have to offer, however, is mile upon mile of unspoiled beaches with secluded coves and rock pools to explore.

You can even bring your dog as they’re welcome on most public beaches! Surfing is popular in Southern Oregon where NW summer winds near Brookings jetty whip up both left and right-hand peak breaks.

Nearby, you can also hike a part of the 382-mile Oregon Coast Trail or go fishing for salmon and steelheads depending on the time of year.

Three designated whitewater rivers empty into the Pacific Ocean near Brookings, and offer excellent opportunities for rafting and canoeing. Alfred A. Loeb State Park offers jet boat rides through the untamed Rogue Canyon on the Chetco River.

Top Brookings travel tips

While it’s true that Southern Oregon has mild winters, it does come at a price in terms of rainfall. The record year for rain was in 1996 when Brookings received 123.90 inches! The best time to visit is in July and August when it doesn’t rain and the town's various festivals are in full swing.

Visit the Chetco Brewery for some great ales and, as a bonus, eat lunch or dinner in the thai restaurant next door.

Don’t go surfing at low tide and, if visiting for the fishing or whale watching, check reports leading up to the season.

Brookings, Oregon, is a wonderful place and the splendor of the Pacific Northwest is right on your doorstep. To get a taste of this magical part of the country, visit FlipKey where you’ll find fantastic Brookings vacation rentals.