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About Burgundy

Located just to the southeast of Paris, Burgundy is a diverse and storied region of France. Best-known around the world for the wines which bear its name, Burgundy is also a place of striking natural beauty and home to some of France's most compelling and intriguing architecture and historical sites.

Some suggestions for activities in Burgundy include:

  • Dijon: Dijon is widely considered one of the most beautiful cities in France, as it managed to avoid the ravage of the German bombs that devastated the country during the Second World War. Thus, much of its original architecture is preserved.
  • Nature excursions: The Burgundy countryside is filled with forests and lakes, making for enchanting hikes and leisurely wanderings.
  • Cycling trips: Burgundy bike tours are very popular with visitors, as the rolling countryside and gentle landscape makes for excellent cycling. Rentals are available throughout the region at very affordable prices, and you can also take guided group excursions if you don't want to head out on your own.
  • Vineyard tours: The Burgundy region is home to some of the most beautiful and elite vineyards in the world. Tours are easily arranged and very worthwhile. Wine aficionados are encouraged to visit Burgundy in November. On the third Thursday in November, the year's new Beaujolais wines are delivered to bars and restaurants throughout the region.
  • Architecture tours: Even beyond Dijon, Burgundy is filled with architectural marvels, including everything from the castles and chateaux of the country's old aristocrats to cathedrals and churches.

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It's easy to travel on to other regions of France from Burgundy. The capital, Paris, is a very short train ride away, and the major southern city of Lyon is also within easy reach.