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Candolim, India

For a relaxed stay on a beach of golden sand, look no further than Candolim, Goa. Quieter than its neighbor Calangute, it is the perfect place for a peaceful vacation.

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About Candolim, India

This part of northern Goa is known the world over for being a top tourist destination, and this is due, in no small part, to the gorgeous beach that lines the shore.

This calm and peaceful beach is one of the longest in the state. Tourists often come here to escape the hubbub of nearby cities. Circled by soft dunes and washed by the Arabian Sea, it's a tropical destination you shouldn't miss.

The village of Candolim is small, but charming. This makes it a favorite with couples, families and more mature travelers.

Within the town there are plenty of North Indian restaurants, Kashmiri souvenir shops and other tourist traps.

But, if you want to see the heart northern Goa, head off the beaten track. You'll see ancient Portuguese churches and old Goan houses with blossoming gardens.

What to do in Candolim, India

The best thing to do in Candolim? Hit the beach! The warm waters are inviting, and the golden sands are perfect to sunbathe on. Soak up the sun, then take a dip to keep cool.

Lining the beach, there are a collection of beach huts, all with plenty of treats for you to discover. Try the spicy Goan fish curries, or other exciting snacks.

You can also hire sunbeds and have a traditional Indian head massage to help make your vacation even more relaxing.

However, if you want a bit of adventure, try the watersports they offer at the beach. Or, go exploring in the local area. The wreck of the bulk carrier ‘River Princess’ is just offshore and should definitely be seen.

If you're a fan of history, visit the Aguada Fort. It's right on the beach so is easy to get to. It was built way back in 1912 to defend the area against invaders, and still stands strong.

Top travel tips for Candolim, India

To get to Candolim, take the train to Thivim, then a taxi or bus to the shore. Once you're there, rent a bike to get around, or jump on a two-wheeler taxi. But, if you do that, discuss the price beforehand and be prepared to haggle.

While Candolim is more laid-back than nearby party capital Calangute, it doesn't mean you can't have a good time in the evening.

There are plenty of restaurants and nightclubs where you can let your hair down. But, if you do crave something a little wilder, there are plenty of shuttle buses to take you to Calangute.

Candolim is the perfect place to relax and unwind. This destination will become your ultimate paradise—especially if you pick one of the luxurious yet affordable vacation rentals on FlipKey. Enjoy!