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About Central Greece

This mountainous arid area of Greece holds some of the most sacred and mysterious monuments of ancient Greece. What was once believed to be the 'navel of the Earth' uncovered by the god Apollo, this area still holds a rich enigma that resonates throughout the quiet canyons. Add this to the magnificent scenery that encompasses Central Greece, with flowing rivers that weave through the valleys and eventually tangle into the Ionian Sea and vast expanses of olive trees, this area oozes a feeling of ancient tradition and beauty.

The monument at Delphi is by far the biggest draw in Central Greece. Ancient Greeks believed that here the sun god, Apollo, killed the python that protected the center of the earth and the universe. For centuries this spot was one of the most sacred for the Greeks including the mountain that watches over it, Mount Parnassus. This remarkable site still holds the intrigue and sense of divinity that marked it so many centuries ago.