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About Collingwood

As the gateway to the Blue Mountain ski resort, Collingwood and its pretty lakeside location has become a mecca for Toronto city dwellers looking to get back to nature.

Once a proud shipbuilding town, Collingwood is the springboard for the Niagara Escarpment where you’ll find outdoor pursuits to keep you busy throughout the year. And the best part? FlipKey has a Collingwood property for your vacation needs!

About Collingwood

Located at the southern end of Georgian Bay in Simcoe County, Ontario, Collingwood was declared a town in 1858 (nine years before it became part of the Dominion of Canada).

Named after Lord Nelson’s second in command during the Battle of Trafalgar, Admiral Lord Cuthbert Collingwood, the area was once home to the Iroquoian Petun nation who built settlements around the Niagara Escarpment.

The first steel-clad ship built in Canada, the Huronic, was launched from Collingwood in 1901 with the shipyards going on to produce ships for the Royal Canadian Navy while employing 10% of the town's population. You can still see remnants of the ship-building days around the towns.

Today, tourism and recreation are seen as the way forward for Collingwood, with the Ontario Tourist Board going all out to promote the region as a vacation wonderland.

What to do

One of Eastern Canada’s premier all-season resorts, Blue Mountain, is right on your doorstep with its dozens of ski slopes built around a picturesque alpine ski through village. Ontario’s largest ski destination also comes alive in the summer, with a championship golf course, mountain biking, and its own private beach.

For fantastic views, take a walk up to Millennium Overlook Park where you can look down on Collingwood while watching colorful sailboats leaving the historic harbor.

Visit the nearby Scenic Caves for a day of adventure exploring the ancient cracks and crevices.

Top Collingwood travel tips

If you’re looking to save some money while visiting the Blue Mountain Resort, consider staying in Collingwood where FlipKey has plenty of vacation rentals to match any budget.

For the best beach, head east to the town of Wasaga where you’ll find the world’s longest freshwater beach. The gently sloping sandy beach is perfect for families with young children and an excellent location to go wind or kite surfing.

Collingwood may not be on the mountain or adjacent to the beach, but it does take the sting out of resort prices. With a revitalized historic downtown full of bars, eateries, and trendy shops, there’s always something to do when you’re not on the beach or flying down the slopes.

Pick your FlipKey Collingwood vacation rental today and start your next adventure.