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Corfu is one of the largest and most florid of the Ionian Islands in Greece. For many centuries, writers including Homer and Shakespeare have documented its rich green landscapes, olive groves, cypress trees and natural beauty.

This is a land of sweet wines, terraced castles, and wild goats. Trek through the hills on horseback or by foot. Explore the nightlife of Corfu Town after watching a brilliant sunset from the balcony of an ancient palace. See a 13th century fort that rests on a high, inaccessible pinnacle. Take in the landscape that set the stage for The Tempest and Odysseus's last great adventure before his arrival home to Ithaka. And when you've had enough exploration and adventure for a while, relax with a dark coffee at an outdoor cafe and watch the cats of Corfu lounging in the sun.

Here are a few additional suggestions as you plan your trip:

  • Take a charter boat tour: This is an excellent way to take in the beauty of the island, learn more about its history and marine ecosystem, and get an overview of some of the inland sites you may want to visit later.
  • Explore the beaches: Visit the secluded pebbly shore of Ermones or relax on the pristine sands beside the blue waters of Mirtiotissa. Paddle away from shore in a sea kayak, go tide pooling, or just relax in the legendary golden sun of Corfu.
  • Go horseback riding: Take a horseback riding trek around the island from the stables in Gouvia. There's nothing more fun and romantic than galloping along the beach as the sun begins to set.
  • Visit Aqualand: Schedule a day at the Aqualand water park and splash away the heat in its wave pools. This is an excellent way to spend the afternoon if you're traveling with children.
  • Visit Sissi's Palace: This preserved historic palace is located twenty minutes from Corfu Town by bus. Take an audio tour as you explore the terraces, gardens, Greek statues and breathtaking views.
  • Enjoy the nightlife: Explore the popular spots in and around Corfu Town, including the Robin's Nest, a culinary treasure trove with a warm, family-friendly atmosphere.

No matter what season of the year you schedule your visit to Corfu, you'll have no trouble finding a sleek luxury condo in any of the busy quarters of Corfu Town. If you'd rather forego a condo in favor of an elegant Mediterranean villa close to the ocean, you'll find plenty of vacation rental opportunities that can offer exactly what you're looking for.