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With 300 days of sunshine a year, who wouldn't want to visit this luxurious southeastern province of France?! Often referred to as the French Riviera, this area offers some of the most opulent sights around. A classic favorite vacation spot of the European elite, it's easy to see why people now flock to this golden coast. The beaches here are some of the most sought after in Europe, and for good reason: beautiful bodies line the crystal blue shores while the breeze rolls in off the ocean. One day in the sun here and you'll be hooked.

With its close proximity to the Italian border, the French Riviera is truly a blend of cultures. Enjoy an authentic Italian dinner while inhaling the sweet jasmine scented breeze. Walk the sea-side boardwalk in Nice at sunset and watch the light dance off the ebbing tide, or take the train to Monaco, and walk the ancient streets of this glittering city-state. The Cote d'Azur is truly a magnificent coast with centuries of history embedded in the shores.