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About Cozumel

Millions of visitors are drawn here every year to explore Mayan sites, experience recreations of Mayan cultural dances and traditions, and immerse themselves in the mystical beauty of Cozumel's azure blue water and sugary white sand beaches. Cozumel is a place of romance, history, adventure, and breathtaking natural landscapes. No matter what kind of visit you have in mind, Cozumel will inspire you and leave you with memories that will last forever.

If you're interested in jungle exploration, you can hike through the protected parks or take an off-road vehicle tour complete with ziplining and rappelling adventures. If you're looking for a quiet romantic getaway, Cozumel's secluded beaches are the perfect place to watch the sunset. Some visitors come for the dazzling nightlife and unforgettable Mexican cuisine created by world famous chefs. Others travel here just to experience the scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities that can't be found anywhere else in the world.

Here are a few additional suggestions of things to do in Cozumel:

  • Visit the "Island of Passion": The Isla de Pasion is a paradise, a quiet escape into a land of palm trees, hammocks, and romantic seclusion. It's officially a state park, and great for an afternoon getaway.
  • Scuba diving: The ocean floor in Cozumel is teeming with brilliantly colored living fish and other creatures.
  • Take a traditional Mayan steam bath: This is a mystical experience you won't soon forget.
  • Swim with dolphins: There are several places around Cozumel where you can interact with friendly dolphins in their habitat.
  • Go sailing: Rent a boat and navigate it on your own, or take a guide with you, relax, and enjoy the beautiful blue sea.
  • Explore the night life: Don't miss out on Cozumel's sizzling night spots. Visit the bars and restaurants along the coast. Stay out all night and dance until the sun comes up.

Find a vacation rental in the bustling heart of Cozumel, or look for a more secluded condo closer to the national parks and wilderness areas. At any time of year, you can find a beautiful romantic villa with views of the ocean and easy access to Cozumel's nightlife and attractions.