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About Denmark

Denmark is becoming quite famous for, among other reasons, its consistent ranking in global surveys as one of the happiest places on earth. This country's unusually high quality of life is often traced back to its civic harmony, flawless public transportation, and its landscape of endless architectural and natural beauty.

In every city and beautiful picturesque village across the countryside, Denmark invests in preservation of the past. There are magnificent ancient castles and cathedrals here around every turn. The country also shows no hesitation to embrace the future, and its technological advancements, public parks, and even restaurants are consistently pristine, elegant, and world class.

Come to Denmark to explore the rocky coastlines, hike the blooming mountain trails, and wander through structures that are still standing after thousands of years. Come here to enjoy the restaurants and energetic nightlife that draw visitors from all over the world. And while you're here, meet the people of this global capital of contentment and see if they'll share the secret to a happy life.

Here are a few additional suggestions as you plan your trip:

  • Copenhagen: Explore the National Museum in Copenhagen to learn more about Denmark's culture and history. Then visit Rosenburg Castle, a preserved opulent palace now turned into an art museum.
  • Arhus: If your visit includes a trip to Arhus, wander the National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture. This is a preserved village with structures representing the life and architecture of an earlier era.
  • Roskilde: Visitors come to Roskilde to see its ancient cathedral and Viking Ship Museum which houses the preserved remains of a real Viking ship more than five centuries old.
  • Skagen: Visit the historic town of Skagen and hike to the sandy headland of Grenen Skagen between the Skagerrak and Kattegat seas.
  • Bornholm: Relax on the beautiful island of Christianso and then explore the historic farm of Ericksson's Gard.
  • Helsingor: Visit Kronborg Castle, a magnificent preserved structure and world heritage site seemingly undiscovered by large crowds of tourists.

You won't have any trouble finding a place to stay in Denmark no matter where you plan to go. Vacation rentals are widely available, and you can easily find one that meets your family's needs and offers all the comforts of home. Find a cozy mountain cabin, a summer cottage in a quaint fishing village, or a luxurious villa with views of the ocean.