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Located along Oregon's rocky coast between Lincoln City and Newport, Depoe Bay is a secluded, undeveloped area of breathtaking natural beauty. Part of the scenic drive along the Oregon Coast Highway, Depoe Bay lies three hours from Portland, just south of the larger Boiler Bay.

If you're traveling along this scenic route and you stop paying attention, you may miss it. But pay attention, because Depoe Bay is definitely worth a visit. The bay itself offers plenty of extraordinary views and opportunities to experience the majesty of the northern Pacific Coast.

No matter how long you stay here, you'll never run out of new natural wonders to experience, accessible by boat and hiking trail. When you're ready for some inland adventures, there are also excellent local restaurants, pristine golf courses, quaint shopping opportunities, and elegant luxury spas just a short drive from the bay area.

Here are a few additional suggestions for your trip:

  • Take a whale-watching trip: Charter boat tours offer a chance for up close encounters with orcas, minkes and grey whales, depending on the season.
  • Hike the trails: Hike along the miles of trails in Fogerty Creek State Park. This is a popular place for bird watching, since many elusive shorebirds and migratory species find refuge here.
  • Explore the beaches: Visit the protected beaches of state parks like The Devil's Punch Bowl, Seal Rock and Gleneden. Watch seals splash in the surf and explore the rocky tide pools and limestone cliffs along the coast.
  • Take an eco-tour: Schedule a boat trip with a knowledgeable guide, or rent a sea kayak and explore the amazing biodiversity of the Depoe Bay shoreline on your own.
  • Visit the Depoe Bay Whale Center: The center lies in the heart of the area's newest state park and hosts public programs to help foster understanding about the whales of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Take a charter fishing trip: Schedule a guided excursion to pursue deep-sea species like Pacific Salmon.

No matter what time of year you arrive here, the temperate breezes roll in from the Pacific and the climate feels gentle and mild. Depoe Bay makes a perfect vacation getaway, even during the wintertime. You'll have no trouble finding a vacation rental with easy access to your favorite activities. Rent an elegant summer condo big enough for your family or a vacation house a few steps away from the beach.