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About DownEast and Acadia Maine

To experience the authenticity of Maine, you need look no further than DownEast and Acadia. Nature lovers will delight at the scenic surroundings, just waiting to be explored. If you're on the lookout for a property rental, why not start here on FlipKey to see the wide range available in the Maine area.

About DownEast and Acadia Maine

The origin of the term 'DownEast' came from the direction of the ships which would sail from Boston to New York. Here, you will be located next to the coast, but still within reach of greenery and beautiful forested areas.

The lakes within the area were carved out by the last ice age when glaciers receded. It’s definitely worth a trip to explore some fantastic geographical wonders.

Many famous writers came here to write their novels, most likely because of the peace, quiet and gorgeous surroundings which perhaps provided their inspiration.

The resort also has the most lighthouses than any other region in Maine at a grand total of 24!

Throughout the year, the area’s complexion changes significantly. Expect snow in the winter, dashes of brown and golden leaves falling from the trees in fall, blossom in the summer and warm sunshine during the summer.

What to do in DownEast and Acadia

Looking for a special activity whilst on your vacation? Why not visit Acadia National Park? Here you will discover dolphins, whales and a whole host of rare sea creatures. While on land, you may spot the likes of puffins, bears and eagles. To make the best of the activity, many tourists decide to hire a private boat with a local guide.

If you're looking to take a dip in the ocean, the destination is known for sea-kayaking—perfect for adventure seekers waiting to try out a new hobby. Or, the wide range of lakes are completely safe to experience activities such as swimming, canoeing and fishing. Whatever water sport you're interested in, there's sure to be something for everyone.


As fishing is a well-known local hobby, DownEast and Acadia hold a lobster festival every August which would be an ideal activity for seafood and fishing enthusiasts.

Top travel tips for DownEast and Acadia

In order to get around the Acadia National Park, you may decide to walk or rent a bike. Bikes can be rented from Bar Harbor.

If you're looking to hire a car within this destination, the best solution would be to hire from one of the local airports or nearby cities.

The Island Explorer is a free local bus service within Acadia that has eight useful routes to get around the destination. Drop-offs include local beaches, hiking trails and shops and restaurants.

If you're tempted by taking a trip to DownEast and Acadia this year, we've got you covered. Explore the beauty of nature and get up close and personal with exotic wildlife by securing your trip for 2017. Browse for nearby property rentals on the FlipKey website today and find your perfect place to stay.