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About Durango

If gold is what you're looking for, then Durango is the town for you! This scenic town, with its backdrop of the San Juan mountains, offers both indoor and outdoor activities. Start with FlipKey to find the perfect rental property, so that you're only an inch away from all the fun.

About Durango, Colorado

Found 6,512 feet above sea level and with a vast landscape ranging from jagged peaks to rolling green mountains, Durango is the embodiment of an Old West town—still managing in the 21st century. Think of John Wayne movies, and you won't be far off!

Founded in 1880 by Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, Durango literally paved the way for gold prospectors with the Durango-Silverton Railroad. It continues to be one of Durango's top attractions to this day and is definitely something you should visit!

Durango has been the set for many movies including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, National Lampoon's Vacation and Around the World in Eighty Days. With its beautiful scenery, it's no wonder it would the perfect setting for these movies!

Durango boasts delicious Southwestern cuisine—a fusion of Spanish, Native American and Mexican recipes—including, but not limited to, yummy tacos and margaritas at Tacos Nayarit!

What to do in Durango

Durango has plenty of opportunities to explore your adventurous side! If you're seeking an adrenaline rush, then look no further than zip-lining or rafting. There are also chances to go skiing, hiking or even do mountain bike trails. Whatever it is, Durango has something for you.

If taking it slow is more your pace, then be sure to visit the Durango-Silverton Railroad which will take you through the canyons of the San Juan National Forest.

You can also take your time and enjoy a walking tour through historic Downtown to gain insight into the town's heritage. For a little history, head on over to Mesa Verde National Park for a look into the Ancestral Puebloans' lives when they settled on Durango land over 2,500 years ago.

Don't forget to also visit the Four Corners Monument—the spot where New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado join!

Top travel tips for Durango

If it's snow you're into, then be sure to visit Durango during February. However, Durango does have a lot to offer all year round!

Nice city clothes are not required for your trip to Durango. You'll be better off with skiing or hiking clothes, so start searching now for those perfect hiking boots!

You'll be able to explore the town using Durango's transit buses and trolleys. Just make sure to look out for the "T" logo! Durango also offers a trail network, which is designed for all abilities and skill levels.

Durango is "A Dozen Vacations in One Destination". You can switch from hiking the trails to taking a leisurely stroll in Downtown! Why not check out FlipKey to make sure you'll find the ideal property to start making your own Old West movie in the town that started it all off?