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About East Stroudsburg

East Stroudsburg may not be the largest of tourist destinations, but great things often come in small packages!

Discover everything East Stroudsburg has to offer by booking your FlipKey vacation rental and planning your trip today.

About East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

East Stroudsburg is a small university town in Monroe County – a feature of the Poconos Mountains.

People tend to forget about it, so it's not your average tourist trap. In fact, after a few days you'll feel like a local wandering the streets, saying 'hi' to your neighbors and enjoying everything this special destination has to offer.

As a university town, there are lots of places to go out – even if you’re on a shoestring budget!

The university also has another draw – sports! The area is famous for some of the best American football and soccer players in the country. While you're there, see if you can catch a Pocono Snow soccer game! It's a great evening out and you'll really get into it.

Make the most of the peaceful, laid-back atmosphere of the town during your stay. Escape your everyday worries and just live in the moment.

What to do

There's plenty to do in East Stroudsburg!

Art fans should head to the Frazetta Art Museum to see the works of the imaginative artist (and, one of the first American illustrators) Frank Frazetta. You'll discover all about his life, and may even have a chance to talk to his family – they regularly conduct tours around the grounds.

If you're up for a fun night out, head to The Downs at East Stroudsburg. Here, you can have dinner, cocktails and a quick gamble on a horse race if you fancy it. It's a great evening out just for the grown-ups.

Those who love shopping will never want to leave the Pocono Bazaar marketplace. There are hundreds of shops and stalls where you can purchase unique souvenirs and gifts for friends and family. After you're done, grab a snack from one of the food trucks – you won't regret it.

If you're up for an outdoor adventure, visit Resica falls. You'll see water pouring down the cliffside and trout trying to jump up the falls. Remember to bring your camera!

Top East Stroudsburg travel tips

East Stroudsburg has a small airport where you can do more than just fly.

You can try your hand at skydiving or take a swing on the driving range. It's a great way to spend your afternoon.

The best advice for staying in East Stroudsburg? Relax, enjoy your vacation rental and let your inspiration guide you.

There are lots of family-friendly restaurants here, just remember to tip as gratuity is not included.

Have a quiet trip away in East Stroudsburg and make memories you'll never forget with your loved ones. Start your trip by booking a vacation rental on FlipKey and get exploring.