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About Eureka

Eureka! You've found one of the best spots on FlipKey. But, keep it quiet – it's a secret, after all!

On one side of the city you've got beautiful Humboldt Bay. And, on the other, a whole range of lush, green mountains that you can explore.

Pick your favorite spot (or, one slap bang in the middle) and find the FlipKey vacation rental that's right for you.

About Eureka, California

This beautiful town has a long history that spans back to the Wiyot people. They saw Eureka for what it was – a great fishing spot – and became the first people to take advantage of it. And, it hasn't stopped since!

This seaport town is often forgotten about by tourists. It's not loud, it's not flashy but it's there – you just need to know where to look.

While you're here, you can enjoy the cool dry summers or the mild winters as you explore the harbor and everything this little gem has to offer.

Stroll around and you'll see some of the best-preserved Californian landmarks there are. You'll see Victorian elements all throughout the town. Some weekends, there are festivals celebrating the local heritage. See if you can catch one during your stay.

Having been a fishing village, and still being home to oyster catchers, you have to try the seafood during your stay. You won't regret it!

What to do

If you're a fan of driving, you should take the scenic drive up the Redwood Highway.

Take your time, and stop where you can to look out over the sparkling rivers. But, don't forget to look up, too! The huge redwood trees loom over you and shelter you from the sun.

For a bit of history, head to Carson Mansion. Even if you don't know anything about architecture, you'll be amazed by this old Victorian home. You can't go inside, but just driving past is a marvel in and of itself.

Take the kids to Sequoia Park Zoo – they'll love it! Keep an eye out for the red pandas, and play with the animals in the petting zoo. Then, go and explore the rest of the park – it's one of the highlights of Eureka!

Humboldt Bay is just spectacular. Make sure you try to see as much of it as possible during your stay. The rugged rocks and crashing waves are a sight to behold – so, take a picture to remember it forever!

Top Eureka, California travel tips

Drive to Eureka to make the most of the scenic routes into town. Once you're there, you can probably walk to most places.

Find souvenirs in the specialty shops that line the main street. There are lots of artists and craftsmen in the area, so there's pretty much guaranteed to be something unique on offer!

Enjoy exploring this peaceful retreat – a space that’s away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Book your ideal Eureka vacation rental on FlipKey and start planning your adventure!