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About Fajardo

Known as 'the city that guards the sun of the Caribbean,' Fajardo is surrounded by wonderful natural attractions. The Playa Seven Seas beach, the bioluminescent bay Laguna Grande and the fascinating nature reserve known as Las Cabezas de San Juan… it’s one fabulous experience after another.

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About Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Founded in 1772, Fajardo sits on the north eastern edge of the island of Puerto Rico, around a one hour drive from the island's capital San Juan.

The city is a mix of modern upmarket yachting marinas, plush restaurants and luxury hotel complexes, together with the ongoing remnants of an industrial heritage. Today, the island continues to produce cigars and furniture as well as metal and electronic components.

Fajardo is a perfect spot for those who love a beach vacation and all that entails—relaxing on white sands, diving, snorkeling and engaging in a variety of sea sports. But it also has plenty to entice the trekker—thanks to its nature reserve—and plenty of attractions for the wildlife lover, too.

Meanwhile, a magnet for rich sailors, Peurto del Rey is one of the biggest marinas in the entire Caribbean. It's worth wandering around just to look at the magnificent boats and luxury yachts.

What to do in Fajardo

Book a day trip to the La Cordillera Islands and dive amongst the stunning coral reefs there.

Hire a car for a half hour's drive to the lush, hilly rainforest known as El Yunque National Forest. Excellent for trekking through, it also has some incredibly beautiful waterfalls.

Book a tour around the magical bioluminescent bay in Fajardo, which involves paddling through mangrove forests very late at night and seeing the luminous organisms glow in the water—it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Visit the 316-acre Las Cabezas de San Juan where you can trek through mangroves, dry forest and beach or dive amongst coral reefs. You can also spot various endangered species and go for a tour of a 19th-century Neoclassical working lighthouse.

Enjoy water sports? Then get yourself to Seven Seas Beach where you can water ski, snorkel, scuba dive and even sail. When you’ve tired yourself out, you can lie back on the sugar white sands.

Try some local Puerto Rican delicacies such as fried corn sticks, lobster in green plantains and rice soup—they're delicious!

Top travel tips for Fajardo

If planning to visit the lighthouse at Las Cabezas de San Juan, you'll have to reserve a place beforehand.

There are no buses to Fajardo from San Juan, so to get here the best solution is to hire a car. Alternatively, you could try and share a taxi with a fellow passenger from San Juan Airport (which should come to around $75).

A ferry off the island should be booked well in advance, otherwise there's no guarantee you'll actually get on. Go to book in person though, since the staff at the terminal are so busy they rarely have time to answer the phone.

Fajardo offers two sides—for a laid-back beach vacation, there are beautiful sands and clear, warm waters. For the avid adventurer who wants an insight into tropical wildlife, flora and fauna, there are the rainforests and national parks. Or maybe you're up for a little of both? Either way, FlipKey has the perfect vacation rental for you. Start searching today and it won’t be long before you’re there for real!