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Fes, Morocco is a fascinating place to visit. There are many historical sites to see here as the city is considered the nexus of the country's culture and religion. The old quarter of Fes features numerous ancient monuments, mosques, and marketplaces. The city is also rich in artistic ability. Pottery, tiles, and woodcarvings are popular hand crafts that are exquisite to behold and watching artisans create them is an even more extraordinary sight. While you are here, be sure to enjoy the delicious cuisine and magnificent architecture.

Here are a few additional suggestions of things to do in Fes:

  • Cafe Clock Cooking School: Once you have sampled some savory Moroccan dishes, head here to discover the trade secrets on how to prepare them yourself.
  • Medina of Fez: This is the old quarter of the city, which was originally settled sometime near the year 900. This area is trip back in time, full of winding passages and ancient architecture.
  • Dar Batha Museum: This museum is a Hispano-Moorish palace that features an exquisite collection of traditional Moroccan crafts.
  • Seffarine Square: This square is the place where many craftsmen practice their art by shaping and polishing everything from copper pots and plates to cauldrons.
  • Bab Bou Jeloud: If you want to see architectural buildings that inspire wonder, be sure to visit this gateway. It is a busy area that is an excellent place to begin your journey through the Medina.
  • Nejjarine Museum of Wood Arts and Crafts: Also known as the Inn of the Carpenters, this museum was once considered one of the world's largest hotels for merchants. It now consists of three floors of exhibits that showcase woodworking and assorted artifacts.

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