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About Germany

An influential central European nation, Germany is a wonderful mix of Old World atmosphere and exciting contemporary culture. Whether you are in the mood to relax or dance until dawn, there are myriad places to spend your time in this large and diverse country. Jetsetters will appreciate Germany's modern and cultural cities, with their happening art scene and trendy nightlife. Alternately, the German countryside is a wonderful place for a relaxing cultural tour of rural Europe, boasting lovely spa towns, picturesque wineries, and many historic sites.

The ancient home of the Brothers Grimm, Germany is often associated with the mythically beautiful kingdoms described in fairy tales. For a romantic getaway, take a tour of the German countryside, stopping at the many charming towns and former castles around Koblenz and Heidelberg. In the Bavarian Alps, visitors can hike around beautiful lakes and through green meadows and snow-capped mountains. For a truly relaxing experience, head out to one of the many German spa towns around Baden Baden. For food-lovers, the countryside around Frankfurt is a wonderful destination, where you can visit quaint wineries that serve varietals from the region in lovely garden settings. While you are in Germany, be sure to sample some of the traditional cuisine as well. Germany is famous for its sausages, strong cheese, and dark bread.

Some of Germany's top destinations include:

  • Berlin: Germany's fascinating capital city is filled with wonderful restaurants, museums, and important historic sites, including the Brandenburg Gate, the former Berlin wall, and the moving Holocaust Museum.
  • Cologne: Visit Cologne to see several important fine art museums, as well as the country's most famous Gothic cathedral.
  • Heidelberg: In addition to Heidelberg's famous castle, the city's baroque Old Town is one of the loveliest in Europe.
  • Dresden: One of Germany's most beautiful Baroque cities, Dresden has been slowly restored after its destruction during World War II.
  • Munich: Though best known for the raucous Oktoberfest beer festival, this Bavarian city is a wonderful place to visit year-round, boasting Gothic architecture, lovely public parks, and friendly beer gardens.
  • Rothenburg: In the heart of Germany's fairy tale countryside, Rothenburg is a spectacular and well-preserved medieval city.

Experience the charm of Germany by staying in a vacation rental. If you will be visiting in the capital city of Berlin or the friendly town of Munich, look for a modern condo or apartment rental in the downtown district. If you are headed to the German countryside, seek out a spacious villa on the Rhine Valley or a cozy cabin in the Bavarian Alps.