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About Guam

Love cosmopolitan culture but want to see some sea and sand? Guam may just be the Pacific Island for you. Described as pompous by some and perfect by others, this Micronesia destination attracts tourists that like the western way of life. Find your ideal Guam vacation rental on FlipKey, and start your adventure!

About Guam

Culture vultures snub Guam for not retaining its heritage, while many American-speaking visitors relish in the ease of communication and love the ‘consumerism comforts’! As unincorporated US territory, it is more unusual to hear the Chamorro language than it is to see Guamanian homeowners flying the US flag.

Tumon Bay is the place to stay, and people who do are unlikely to stray far. It is a glamorous accommodation hub, with endless duty-free shopping options, great views and an air of luxury about it.

The Mariana Islands lie south-southeast of Japan, which makes Guam an extremely popular destination for Japanese tourists. The center is full of restaurants and bars, but you can always escape Tumon to see the rest of Micronesia, which has some really tranquil spots and is small enough to explore in a day or two.

The south is the prettiest area – home to historical villages, stunning waterfalls and pristine beaches, while the north mainly comprises of the US military’s Andersen Base.

What to do in Guam

If you do decide to head north for the sake of exploration (or seclusion), Ritidian Point is a seriously sublime stretch of coast to discover. There’s not a lot to do but sit back and sunbathe, watching the palm trees softly swaying in the wind and listening to the tide as it laps up the sand.

Tumon is a well-built up area, often referred to as “the Paris of the Pacific”, so unless you have a curiosity to cure there’s no real reason to leave the area.

The Duty-Free Galleria, Acanta mall, Tumon Sands Plaza and JP Superstore are all places you can go for some serious shopping. Also worth checking out is the Daring Sling Shot, an adrenaline filled attraction that will have you strapped into a ball, shot upward and brought back down!

For more effortless (but equally enjoyable) entertainment, don’t miss the Magic on Ice show at the Sand Castle.

Top Guam travel tips

As a relatively small area, traveling by foot is the option taken by most tourists. However, there is a bus and taxi service on demand to help you explore surrounding areas.

Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport is just a short journey away in the neighboring Barrigada, to the southeast. It’s a hub for United Airlines and Asia Pacific Airlines. All visitors of Guam will arrive here, and can expect a friendly welcome to this delightful destination.

Guam is unusually extravagant for a Pacific Island destination. You could say it’s a home from home for the wealthy, but with FlipKey properties you'll easily find something within your budget, so you can enjoy the luxurious island once you're there.