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About Halkidiki Region

With a go-slow atmosphere, stunning scenic sea views and a huge host of leisurely activities to keep all of the family occupied, Halkidiki is an earthy paradise well worth visiting.

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About Halkidiki

Shaped like Poseidon’s trident, Halkidiki has three peninsulas that stick out into the Aegean Sea. These small peninsulas are known as the three legs of Halkidiki.

The first leg is Kassandra, a growing tourist resort with a variety of built up beaches. The second is Sithonia, home to secluded coves and authentic resorts. The third peninsula is Mount Athos, a close-knit men-only monastic community. Entrance is only allowed special upon access permissions.

There are countless places to stay in Halkidiki. Each spot has its own unique character, so where you want to be will depend upon your preferences. Hanioti is an old-fashioned village with narrow winding streets lined with cultured cafés and bistros, whereas Kalithea is a modern seaside town with an upbeat party vibe and luxury hotels. Afitos, on the other hand, comprises of original stone-built houses and cobbled streets, thanks to local perseveration efforts.

What to do in Halkidiki Region

Halkidiki Region is at its best in summer, when all of the key artistic festivals take place. Expect to run into open-air theaters and hear live music flooding the streets!

There are various walking routes and mountain biking paths to explore, and oodles of hidden springs along the way. Spend the day in nature, overlooking the Aegean and cutting through thick forests of pine, oak and chestnut trees.

Of course, you can also spend some time in the Aegean Sea. Try your hand at kitesurfing, windsurfing or water skiing – it’s guaranteed to get your heart pumping!

Another exciting but little less strenuous thing to do is visit the Ancient Olynthus, a beautifully persevered Greek city from the Classical Period. The historic mosaic flooring is a magic sight to behold. 

Top Halkidiki travel tips

As there’s no airport in Halkidiki, the nearest airport is Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is located 16km east of the city center, in the region of Thermi. You can order a taxi, take a bus or rent a car to travel to Halkidiki – all of which are fairly affordable.

If you do plan to rent a vehicle to get yourself around, pay attention to the lines on the roads. They’re not as well marked as many other places in the world, with typically just one line per direction.

The buses are really useful for tourists as they go offer a pretty direct route to all villages and beaches. Tours are also convenient way of structuring your sightseeing missions.

Whether you’re in need of a relaxing beach vacation, an activity packed adventure or place to party, Halkidiki should be your first port of call. Just close your eyes and picture it…

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