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About Herzliya

In northern Tel Aviv lies Herzliya, an affluent and exciting city with lots to offer.

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About Herzliya, Israel

Founded in 1924 as a farming community, Herzliya has developed into one of the most exciting cities in Israel, becoming a thriving center for tourism and business in the process.

There's plenty to explore in this city. Beit Rishonim is a museum that was created in one of the founders' homes. It helps visitors discover the history of the area and see what it hopes to become.

However, it's not just new developments and beaches that make this an attractive destination for tourists. Here, you can explore the history of Israel.

You can do this by visiting Sidna Ali—a Muslim holy site—or exploring Apollonia National Park. The park is home to a beautifully preserved ancient ruin that will give you great insight into Israeli history.

From here, there's also a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. So, even if history isn’t your thing, it's worth taking a peek.

What to do in Herzliya, Israel

Most tourists are drawn to Herzliya because of the beautiful beaches that stretch out for miles. They are the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun.

At night time, the whole area of Herzliya Pituah comes alive with restaurants and entertainment hotspots. It's now considered one of the most vibrant hubs of Israeli nightlife—so make sure you have at least one wild night out during your stay!

For a touch of elegance, visit the marina. It's almost European in appearance, and boasts an astonishing view of the sea—you can even hire boats for the day for a different type of adventure.

If you'd rather stay on the land, there are plenty of restaurants and a great shopping mall for you to enjoy.

During your stay, you must visit Herzliya Park. It's an idyllic green space that’s right at the heart of the city. Sit by the lake and soak up the sun, or watch one of the performances. Have a picnic on one of the lawns, or—even better—have a barbecue!

For those who love to get the blood pumping on vacation, there are plenty of bike and running tracks that run through Herzliya Park and the city, so go explore.

Top travel tips for Herzliya, Israel

Get to the city by bus, car or train from Tel Aviv. It's a memorable journey that’ll let you watch the Israeli landscape unfold in front of you.

There's lots of great food to try in Israel. Herzliya is a very westernised city, so you may have to search a little harder for authentic Israeli food. Sambuask is a great treat!

Enjoy the vibrant city life and the calm beaches of Herzliya, and don't forget the check out the cultural stuff too. FlipKey has vacation rentals all over the city, so you'll be able to find the perfect spot to meet all your needs.