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About Hilo

Hilo is brimming with markets, sandy coasts, and tropical groves. The region, home to the University of Hawaii, is known for its spunky taste of Hawaiian culture. Come here to enjoy great dining and entertainment, take in traditional Hawaiian art, or go on an outdoor adventure.

Some of the attractions you will definitely want to check out include:

  • Rainbow Falls: This 80-foot waterfall covers the entrance of an ancient cave rumored to be the mother of the demigod Maui. It is an exquisite natural wonder to behold.
  • The Boiling Pots: Observe as streaming water that appears to be boiling makes its way through a collection of lava tubes and rocks.
  • Banyan Drive: This tree-lined street runs along the shores of Hilo. It is a spot known for having celebrities, adventurers, religious leaders, and politicians honored by planting trees along the walkway.
  • The Pana'ewa Rainforest Zoo: Wildlife lovers will appreciate this one-of-a-kind attraction located in a rainforest. It offers rare glimpses into the lives of many endangered animals and is a photo opportunity not to be missed.
  • Onizuka Center for International Astronomy: Stargazers will find this attraction heavenly. Visitors can watch a presentation on the night sky and view a variety of objects through telescopes. There are also onsite guides to help you identify some spectacular sights.
  • Lyman Museum: This museum is affiliated with the Smithsonian and relays the history of the Hawaiian Islands. Exhibits feature the unique flora and fauna of the area as well as highlight the area's volcanic origins.

Some of the most extraordinary architecture can also be viewed in Hilo. A Hilo castle is a spectacular sight to see and is often the backdrop for Hilo weddings. Many engaged couples flock to the area for their storybook day, but culture lovers also appreciate some of the more innovative attractions Hilo has to offer. The Hilo Tsunami Museum is one such example.

For your stay in the Hilo District, book a vacation rental in some of the most breathtaking surroundings on Earth. Beautiful ocean vistas and sunsets come free of charge with any condo, whether you are in an apartment rental downtown or situated by the beach. Vacation rentals also offer more space and privacy than a cramped hotel room. Whatever draws you to Hilo, there is no doubt you will find everything you are looking for in this great vacation destination.