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The surroundings of Honduras feature a lush landscape that includes mountains, low plains, rainforests, and cloud forests. The Bay Islands and the cities of La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula, and Tegucigalpa are the main points of entry. Copan, a Mayan city, is a big draw for history buffs as it features an acropolis, a ball court, and a hieroglyphic stairway. These Honduras ruins have also been designated an UNESCO World Heritage site. Nature lovers should head to the Cusuco National Cloud Forest Park, home to quetzal birds while outdoor enthusiasts should take advantage of the variety of activities including hiking, swimming, Honduras diving, windsurfing, and tennis.

Here are a few additional suggestions of things to do in Honduras:

  • The Museum of Anthropology and History: This two-story museum features several intriguing displays that include information on the Spaniards' arrival, the Conquest, and the merging of Indigenous and Spanish cultures.
  • The Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve: The Rio Platano, the biggest and most impressive reserve in eastern Honduras, showcases thousands of diverse species of animals and plants.
  • The Nombre de Dios: Also known as "The Name of God," this mountain range expands east and south as visitors travel throughout the region. It features lush surroundings and a breathtaking landscape. One of the range's highlights is the Llama del Bosque, "The Flame of the Forest," a tall tree topped with exquisite red flowers.
  • Celaque National Park: Situated just outside the town of Gracias, this park contains excellent hiking trails and a cloud forest that includes the highest peak in Honduras. Celaque is a sacred center of spirituality for the Lenca people, who are indigenous to the region.
  • La Esperanza: Known also as "The Hope," this town is located in Intibuca, an area where many Lenca people reside. A drive from the town of Gracias to La Esperanza is well worth the trip. The road showcases some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of Honduras.
  • Gracias: This Honduran town is rich in culture and history. It is a must-see stop for all travelers interested in learning about the country. It features several historic sites including the village square, which is where Captain Juan de Chavez first arrived to the region in 1544.

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