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Ischia is the largest island in the Bay of Naples and also the most active. Perhaps more than anything else, this island draws visitors from all over the world for its thermal baths and luxury spa experiences. Come here to spend a healing afternoon wrapped in seaweed or soaking in a mud bath in the mineral springs. When you step outside again, glowing and rejuvenated, be prepared to explore historic sites, wander quaint shopping districts, and see famous botanical wonders, all against a stunning backdrop of natural island beauty.

Swim, scuba dive or go boating in the blue waters of the Bay of Naples. Spend an afternoon people watching in a street side caf‚. Learn more about history in the island's museums and archeological sites. And in the evening after the sun goes down, head into town for traditional seafood at local restaurants headed by world-class chefs. The island of Ischia offers a perfect destination for a vacation getaway as you'll never run out of exciting and relaxing things to do here!

Here are few additional suggestions as you plan your trip to Ischia:

  • Visit Monte Epomeo: See breathtaking views of the island from this mountain overlook. Hike to the peak from the villages of Fantana or Forio.
  • Explore the Giardini Ravino: These beautiful botanical gardens have recently opened to the public. See an extensive collection of exotic and native plant species gathered for over 30 years.
  • Visit the Castello Aragonese: Witness the impressive architecture of the Castello and learn more about the fascinating local history of Ischia.
  • Play on Moronti Beach: Enjoy the easy Caribbean atmosphere of this Italian beach. Swim, go snorkeling, or just lie in the golden sand, soak up the sun and relax.
  • Visit the Nitrodi Hot Springs: Explore the fascinating caves and local geysers and take a healing soak in the waters of the Nitrodi Hot Springs.
  • Explore the desert gardens of La Mortella: Lady Susana Walton created these famous gardens in the rocky terrain of a quarry using an ingenious water delivery system.

The Island of Ischia will keep you relaxed, rejuvenated, inspired and entertained. You'll also have no trouble finding a perfect place to stay here. Plenty of vacation rental opportunities are available during every season of the year here. Find a glamorous luxury condo in the heart of the city, close to the spas, shopping areas, dining and nightlife. If you prefer a secluded beach getaway, rent an Italian villa on the coast with beautiful ocean views. If your vacation schedule allows, you may also want to schedule a day trip north to the charming coastal city of Casamicciola Terme.