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Isla Mujeres lies mostly on the mainland of the Yucatan Peninsula on the shores of the blue Caribbean Sea. This is one of the municipalities of Quintana Roo, a beautiful stretch of coastal cities and villages that are so alluring to visitors that they are often called The Mexican Riviera. Like nearby Tulum and Cancun, Isla Mujeres is a perfect place for a tropical getaway.

Come here to relax on the soft white sand and forget your worries. Explore the trails of the inland nature preserves by jeep or zip line adventure. Visit the local Mayan ruins and learn more about the culture and history of the Mayan people. And make time to experience the marine biodiversity of the Yucatan Peninsula. Swim with dolphins, snorkel with sea turtles, or explore the shorelines and islands of this birdwatchers paradise.

There are plenty of fun things to see and do here in Isla Mujeres, but if you need help, here are a few additional suggestions as you plan your trip:

  • Go on a scuba diving adventure: The coral reefs around Isla Mujeres offer some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling experiences in the Yucatan.
  • Take an eco-tour by boat: Explore the coastal and reef areas along the coast with an experienced guide. Learn more about the biodiversity of the area and see whale sharks and sea turtles.
  • Play on the beach: Go swimming, surfing, boating or just relax on the legendary white sugar sand of Playa Los Cocos or Playa Del Norte.
  • Explore the Mayan Ruins: See the Mayan ruins and sculpture garden of Punta Sur. Take in the breathtaking scenery on this high ocean cliff, and watch the local iguanas lay in the sun and pose for photos on the rocks.
  • Go bird watching on Isla Contoy: Visit this protected sanctuary to see pelicans and dozens of other species of local and migratory birds.
  • Visit the Tortugranja Turtle Farm: The turtle farm, part of an ongoing sea turtle research and conservation effort, provides a home to several species of sea turtles until they are old enough to be released into the wild.

You'll never run out of fun things to do in Isla Mujeres. After a day of exploration, relax in a luxury spa and then experience the energy of local world-class restaurants and nightspots. You'll find endless ways to be inspired and entertained here, and you'll also find plenty of great places to stay. Look for a vacation rental close your favorite activities. Rent an elegant beach condo, a luxury vacation home, or a Caribbean villa with beautiful views of the ocean.