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About Jolly Harbour

With its own beach and marina, as well as upmarket restaurants and golfing facilities, Jolly Harbour will certainly put you in fine spirits if you choose to vacation here. There's also plenty of historical artefacts and land formations to gaze upon. Book your Jolly Harbour vacation rental with Flipkey today?

About Jolly Harbour

A former swampland and Antigua's first gated community and marina, Jolly Harbour proves hugely popular with tourists. The town sits on the southwest of the island and has two causeways, named north and south, both with hotels, restaurants, shops and businesses as well as homes (most of which have their own private sea dock) and a high-quality golf course.

There's a beach and beautiful jewel blue waters in which to swim and enjoy water sports, especially scuba diving and snorkeling among the reefs.

Antigua itself is a former British colony on which Admiral Horatio Nelson once set up home. Its sailing traditions continue to this day, and it's the host of the Caribbean's top regatta.

St John's is the island's busy capital where you can dine in first-class restaurants, but you'll find mellowness in the little villages with their slow pace of life and pretty houses with pastel-colored walls. 

What to do

Uncover the maritime history of the island at Nelson's Dockyard National Park. Awarded UNESCO status in 2016, this collection of restored mid-18th century buildings around the island's marina, houses Admiral Nelson's telescope. Afterwards, head for the former military look-out point Shirley Heights and Dow's Hill Interpretation Centre for some more interesting facts about the area.

Dance salsa in the streets and learn to get rhythmic to calypso beats with the crowds who pour in to help celebrate the island's abolition of slavery at the Antigua 10-day carnival in late July and early August.

Check out the black frigate birds with blood red throats at the estuary in Codrington Lagoon National Park. Other nesting natives include the Christmas bird, tropical mockingbird, pelicans and the fabulously-named West Indian whistling tree duck.

Go celebrity spotting down at the marina. Guitarist, Eric Clapton, and former motorsport team boss, Eddie Jordan, regularly pop to Jolly Harbour on board their super yachts.

Top Jolly Harbour travel tips

The best time to go to Jolly Harbour is during the winter season from December to April, when the weather is warm but not too hot and humid. Some restaurants close from August to October.

Bookings for sea taxis to Codrington Lagoon must be made at least 24 hours before you plan to visit.

There are no nightclubs in Jolly Harbour. If you really want a boogie, head for the nearby English Harbour, instead.

Jolly Beach itself is a bit on the cloudy side for diving and snorkeling. Head for Cades Reef instead.

With its warm, dry temperatures, mile-long stretch of white powdery sand, countless sailing opportunities and superb dining facilities, Jolly Harbour is the perfect 'get away from it all' location. Sample the delights of this gorgeous little port town for yourself with a Flipkey vacation rental.