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About Joshua Tree

Found in the Mojave desert, it's not surprising that Joshua Tree, California, is a hot place to stay (literally – it gets to about 101F in the summer!).

If you think you can stand the heat, find your vacation rental on FlipKey and start planning your next trip. A word of advice: book a place with air conditioning!

About Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree is the area where two deserts meet and their ecosystems collide. This results in a wonderfully wacky mix of plants and animals growing there.

Which deserts are we talking about? The high Mojave and low Colorado desert. The area itself has been turned into a national park and it's no surprise why – it's a unique landscape that no other area can match.

It's a slightly unusual vacation destination, but if you're tired of the traditional outdoor adventures and looking for something a little more challenging, Joshua Tree is the place to go.

What to do in Joshua Tree, California

Head to the visitor center to get to grips with the park. From here, you can take a guided tour of the area and make sure you see everything the national park has to offer.

There are plenty of walks and hiking trails you can try without a guide. Just remember to pack your water – it's easy to get dehydrated out there.

If you're looking for something a little more extreme, take a guided cliff climbing tour. Your guide will explain about the area (and help you get up the rock face) and you'll have unrivaled views of the park.

Most people have heard of the Joshua Tree Music Festival – it's the family friendly event held three times a year. It's all about centering yourself and expressing your creativity, so if that sounds like your kind of thing, head on down!

Top travel tips for Joshua Tree

Dress in layers – you never know how hot it's really going to be, so be prepared for anything. Even though it's a desert, you may still get chilly in the evenings.

Bring a lot of sunscreen! And buy more once you're there – you can never have enough.

Try all the restaurants you can. There are some great fine dining options, though cafes on the side of the road do great food, too. Our one piece of advice: be adventurous!

If you're going to do guided tours – especially the rock climbing ones – book in advance online, that way you'll be sure to get a slot.

For a slightly different adventure, book your Joshua Tree vacation rental on FlipKey today. You'll have a great time, and make memories that will last forever.