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About Lovina Beach

If you’ve arrived here following a hectic time on the south of the island, then you will no doubt appreciate the serenity Lovina offers. It's quite fitting really, since the name Lov and Ina is the Balinese name for Mother. Even the waves here know to keep calm. So find a FlipKey property rental near the beach for maximum relaxation.

About Lovina Beach, Indonesia

Several local villages make up the 8km stretch of black volcanic sandy beach in Bail’s Buleleng region which we know today as Lovina.

The centre of the stretch is the village of Kalibukbuk. Here, you’ll find plenty of seafood restaurants and smart cafes in which to sit and marvel at the area’s spectacular sunset, while sipping a cocktail or two. Eastwards of this busy stretch, you’ll find plenty of art shops and traditional Balinese stalls (warung) where you can buy tasty bite-size snacks.

Lovina really became a tourist resort in 1953. The town sits around 9km from Singaraja, which is the capital of Buleleng Regency and, although the main road can be busy and noisy, the beach area is incredibly peaceful and tranquil.

What to do in Lovina Beach

Get up early and combine a dolphin trip with a bit of stunning sunrise spotting. While there, book a snorkeling and scuba diving trip – and a night dive for something a bit different.

Go to a traditional fishing village such as Anturan and watch the men get the prahu (traditional outrigger canoes) ready for their evening’s fishing. It’s fascinating to watch.

Visit the Global Village Kafe and contribute to local healthcare (since all profits go into a foundation). Still on cuisine, order a seafood platter at the Sea Breeze Café if you’re feeling a tad ravenous (you probably still won’t finish it). The best cup of coffee – and a western breakfast – can be found at the deli Bakery Lovina, where croissants are baked fresh every morning.

Head to Kantin 21 if you’re looking for ‘sounds’ or a band after 9pm. For clubbing with mix DJs, Pashaa is definitely your place.

Top Travel tips for Lovina Beach

If you plan on dolphin spotting, then avoid the rainy season (February to April) as the dolphins won't appear. Big tourist times are August and December.

Get around Lovina on a bemos (small mini-bus). For longer trips, there are public buses and many restaurants operate private shuttle buses, too.

Get here from Bali’s capital Denpasar in two hours by bus or private car. For better scenery, go via the Gilimanuk Route, which takes around four hours.

More than three species of dolphin to try and spot and a sky that’s ablaze in the evening, Lovina sounds more like our idea of paradise. And that’s before we even mentioned the fried bananas from the local night market. 

However you choose to relax, FlipKey will have the place for you. Start searching for your perfect vacation rental today.