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About Makati

The financial center of the Philippines, the chaotic city of Makati is a popular tourist hub.

With its towering skyscrapers, this is one of the most Westernized cities in the country, but you’ll find plenty of Filipino charm too. Browse FlipKey’s selection of rental condos for your perfect vacation property.

About Makati

Makati was once a base for resistance against Spanish colonial rule during the Philippine Revolution, but it’s been an independent city since 1995. You might be surprised to hear English spoken so widely here – it’s the main language, although a basic knowledge of Filipino is always beneficial and won’t go unappreciated by locals.

With its tropical monsoon climate, humidity levels are high here all year round, which can make the temperature feel hotter than it actually is. The dry season runs from January to May, when you can expect average temperatures in the 20s and 30s.

The best way to see the city is undoubtedly on foot, with a number of pedestrian underpasses and overpasses crisscrossing the Central Business District. For longer journeys, you’ll find taxis are abundant, and fairly reasonably priced.

What to do in Makati

Makati has its fair share of interesting museums. The Ayala Museum is the place to head to find out more about Filipino history and the struggle for democracy, while the Yuchengo Museum houses a huge collection of Filipino-Chinese art. Lovers of history and books must check out Filipinas Heritage Library, with its astonishing array of old Spanish books.

The city also has a number of excellent shopping malls – the best two to visit are the Glorietta and Greenbelt malls at the Ayala Center. It’s also worth visiting the Weekend Market at Salcedo Park, where you can shop for local specialties and souvenirs.

When the days are hot and humid, relaxing at one of the city’s parks is a must. Greenbelt Park, adjacent to the mall, is the perfect place for people watching, while Legaspi Park is home to a Sunday market where you can shop for souvenirs.

Top travel tips for Makati

The best nightlife in the city can be found in the bars, restaurants and clubs around Greenbelt Park. It’s also worth checking out the bars on Makati Avenue.

Keep an eye out for your bus stop – traffic rules in Makati City are strict, and buses will only let you off at designated stops.

You’ll find plenty of international cuisine here, from fried chicken to Japanese hot dogs. Try to sample an authentic Filipino breakfast on your trip – you can expect salted and dried milkfish, fried rice, eggs, coffee and hot chocolate rice porridge on the menu. So enough to keep things interesting!

Cosmopolitan, culturally diverse and a hub of activity, there’s plenty to see and do on a trip to Makati. Why not browse FlipKey’s collection of luxury city-center condos and apartments today to find your perfect vacation rental? You won’t be disappointed!