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Malaga is a coastal city in Southern Spain. Malaga was originally founded by the Phoenicians, then incorporated into the Roman Empire, and eventually became part of the Moorish kingdom. These many eras in Malaga's history can still be witnessed in the incredible mix of historic architecture throughout the city. From the Moorish fort of Alcazaba to the gothic cathedral built by the Spanish, Malaga's historic downtown is a fascinating blend of cultures. Book a tour or take your guidebook on the road around town to check out Malaga's many historic sites.

Malaga is located in the spectacular Costa del Sol, or "Sun Coast," a famous seaside region in the southern province of Andalucia. The southern edge of the city is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, while the lovely green slopes of the Montes de Malaga flank the northern neighborhoods. The wonderful Mediterranean beaches to the west of the city are the major reason that many tourists come to Malaga. For sunbathing and swimming, try the beloved Playa de la Malagueta, a strip of sand just outside the city center. If you'd like to go scuba diving, head out to Playa Palo, a collection of interesting coves along the shore.

When visiting Malaga, enjoy these interesting sights:

  • Alcazaba: A massive Moorish castle and fortress, the Alcazaba was built during the 8th century, when Malaga's port was controlled by the Moors.
  • Roman Theater: Built in the 1st century B.C., this amazing Roman amphitheater is Malaga's oldest standing structure.
  • Cathedral: The city's beautiful but unfinished gothic cathedral is an architectural achievement, which managed to survive an attack during the Spanish Civil War.
  • Fundacion Picasso: The famed Spanish painter Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga and his childhood home is now a museum.
  • Castillo de Gibralfaro: Yet another fascinating historic structure, this massive castle was originally built in the 8th century.
  • Centro de Arte Contemporaneo: Enjoy the collection of modern and contemporary art at this well designed museum.

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