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About Manitoba

Manitoba province is right in the heart of Canada, and boy does it have a lot to offer.

Whether you want to stay in the sophisticated streets of Winnipeg or the rural realm of Churchill, FlipKey will have a Manitoba vacation rental for you.

About Manitoba

One thing this prairie province isn't lacking is space. Open plains stretch for miles, all the way to the Arctic tundra. You can really only appreciate it once you're standing there, so what are you waiting for?

Many first nation tribes founded settlements in the area. They even mined quartz to make arrowheads. You can learn more about these original settlers in the First Nation museums across the province.

Fast forward a few hundred years and "Rupert's Land", as it was once called, was given to Canada by the Hudson's Bay Company. After this, the 'postage stamp province' grew rapidly, to include the famous plains we know today.

Manitoba has four professional sports teams, but the favorites are the Manitoba Moose and the Winnipeg Jets - who both play ice hockey. While you're there, why not catch a game? The atmosphere is amazing!

What to do in Manitoba

There's so much to do and see in Manitoba, it's hard to know where to start.

If you're looking for culture, there are loads of museums for you to sink your teeth into. The Royal Aviation Museum is at Winnipeg Airport, so make that the first stop on your vacation. Try the Eskimo Museum in Churchill and the Canadian Fossil Discovery center to check out the dinosaurs!

There are plenty of parks, nature reserves and open spaces where you can truly appreciate the beauty of Canada. At Assiniboine Park there are polar bears, bison, and more! Don't forget your camera.

If you fancy a bit of sunbathing, go to Grand Beach Provincial Park. The pure white sand dunes and the crystalline waters of Lake Winnipeg make this the perfect spot to relax!

For those military history buffs, visit one of the province’s many forts and find out more about Canadian history.

Top Manitoba travel tips

Traveling through Canada comes with its dangers. If you fancy backpacking or hiking, be sure to take a bear bell with you, and some warm clothes just in case the weather changes.

Locals speak both French and English, so don't worry about a language barrier.

Lastly, visit Hudson Bay. You're almost guaranteed to spot a wild beluga whale, and probably some other critters too. Those otters sure are cute!

If you want to see all of Manitoba, book your vacation rental with FlipKey and travel through the province. From luxurious homes to quaint cottages, we have it all.