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About Morocco

Multifaceted, culturally complex, and spectacularly beautiful, Morocco is one of the most popular destinations in Africa. Morocco's interesting cities combine the vibrancy of Africa with the history of Arab culture. Throughout the country, avid shoppers will adore the fine Moroccan handcrafts in the country's souks, or markets. In Morocco, artisans are famous for their wood furnishings with ivory inlays, copper work, and textiles, among other crafts. Moroccan cuisine is world famous, with influences from the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Many of Morocco's most famous dishes feature the grain couscous, mint, olives, lamb, and spices, such as cumin, ginger, turmeric, and paprika. If you are particularly interested in food, consider enrolling in a cooking class during your trip.

In addition to culture, Morocco is a physically beautiful country, with some of the world's most interesting ecosystems. Located in the northwest corner of the African continent, the majority of Morocco is dominated by the vast Sahara Desert. This amazing expanse of shifting sand defines Moroccan culture in many ways. Plan a day trip or overnight tour to the desert, where you can marvel at the silence and beauty of the Sahara. To add to the country's natural glory, Morocco's ample coastline runs along the deep blue surf of the Atlantic Ocean to the azure shores of the Mediterranean Sea. For those who love the shore, there are great beaches for swimming near Agadir on the Atlantic coast, as well as charming seaside cities like Essaouira.

When planning your trip to Morocco, consider the following destinations:

  • Marrakesh: In Morocco's most famous city, a posh cosmopolitan culture compliments the beautiful markets and alleyways of the historic district.
  • Fes: The medieval medina in Fes is one of the largest and most historic in the Arab world.
  • Essaouira: This pretty seaside town on the Atlantic coast is a great place to relax, enjoy historic scenery, and visit the beach.
  • Meknes: Once the Berber capital of Morocco, Meknes has an extensive historic district and a wonderful modern culture and art scene.
  • Casablanca: This beautiful white-washed city, once ruled by the French, displays an attractive blend of European and Arab influence.

If you will be traveling to Morocco, seek out a unique vacation rental in one of the country's historic cities. From a posh villa with a central patio in the city of Marrakesh to a charming oceanfront condo in Essaouira, Morocco offers a wide range of luxury accommodations for couples or families.