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Oregon's Central Coast is a hotspot with travelers looking for a quiet, relaxing and slow-paced vacation that's off the beaten track. Fishing enthusiasts from all over the world come to Oceanside and the Central Coast to take advantage of both coastal and inland angling opportunities, which rank among the finest in North America.

The Central Coast is also famous for its breathtaking and spectacular natural beauty, which is simultaneously accessible and awe-inspiring. The hilly coast is thickly lined with both coniferous and deciduous forests, making hiking and camping two of the region's most popular activities.

Some other sites of interest and locally popular activities include:

  • Lewis and Clark National Historic Park: This park is a must-see for visitors to the Central Coast region, offering historical context for the famous adventurers' famed journey across America as well as some of the area's finest scenery.
  • Hit the open water: Boating is one of the area's most beloved pastimes, and you'll find plenty of options whether you want a leisurely sail in the calm Pacific waters or a powerful motorboat to speed you up and down the cragged coastline.
  • Go whale watching: The chance to catch a glimpse of a whale in its natural habitat is of the Oceanside area's most unique opportunities.
  • Antiquing: Oregon's Central Coast is home to some of the best-stocked antique shops and flea markets in the United States.
  • Oregon Island Natural Wildlife Refuge: Spanning over 300 miles along the Oregon coast, the wildlife sanctuary is made up of almost 1,900 different islands and reefs which host a dazzling array of flora and fauna.

Rent a condo or villa for your stay on the Central Coast's picturesque beaches, particularly if you're bringing along a lot of fishing or hiking gear and need more room than you'll get in a cramped hotel room. These fully furnished properties offer more seclusion and privacy, are quieter and more relaxing, and come with all the comforts of home. If you're lucky enough to catch a fish during your day on the water, you'll be able to return to your vacation rental's fully equipped kitchen and prepare an unforgettable meal.

If you have some extra time on your hands and you find yourself craving the amenities and excitement of the city, cosmopolitan Portland lies just 80 miles east of Oceanside and makes the perfect day trip!