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About Playas del Coco

Are you on the lookout for a bustling, youth-centered vacation with plenty to do? Playas Del Coco has become one of the most popular tourist destinations for those looking to travel to a commercialized, tourist-friendly area. 

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About Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica

Playas Del Coco – also known as ‘Coco Beach’ – is one of the oldest seaside communities in the area. Recently, it has developed into an area associated with high levels of tourism.

The town is just a small fishing community which is one of the main forms of income. Yet, nowadays, locals are geared up for the large tourist industry where many come to spend long weekends.

If you're not a fan of crowds and would prefer a laid-back and tranquil destination, it must be said that Playas Del Coco may not be the best place for you. Restaurants, nightclubs and bars are dotted everywhere, so expect a bustling atmosphere both in the daytime and in the evening.

Unlike the usual white sands that many prefer when on vacation, Coco has grey sands with blue-grey waters and sits in a horseshoe bay.

What to do in Playas Del Coco

 To experience a taste of the nightlife, you must visit some of the local casinos, discos and nightclubs around the destination. Most of which can be found in the center.

If on the other hand, you're looking for suitable daytime activities, Coco Beach has an array of watersports such as scuba diving and snorkeling. During these activities, you'll be sure to spot some tropical fish such as puffer fish, eels, and stingrays. You might even catch a glimpse of dolphins in the ocean.

 If you're looking for something a little more extreme, you could join a surfing expedition, with many departing from Coco Bay on a daily basis. You'll head to Witch's Rock where you'll catch some serious waves.

 You may also decide to visit Marino Des Baulas, a local national park where visitors can catch a glimpse of sea turtles – a perfect activity if you're a wildlife enthusiast.

Top travel tips for Playas Del Coco

To get around, there are a variety of buses which depart from Coco Bay to other nearby beaches. But bear in mind that these can often be overcrowded with both locals and tourists.

You may also decide to hire a taxi. They can be extremely good value for money, and depending on your location, can vary in price between $2-10. This would be most beneficial for short trips. But those staying for a longer period of time would be better off hiring a 4x4 rental car, so you are able to go off-roading should you choose to.

If you're looking for sun, sea and sand, Playas Del Coco is the ideal destination. Even if you're an adventurer or hoping to escape a bustling destination to experience incredible nightlife, there's also plenty to keep you occupied throughout your stay.

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