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About Port Clinton

A terrific destination for those who love fishing and, in fact, all things of a maritime nature – such as boating, swimming and sunning, Port Clinton is pretty much vacation-central. Sitting on the shores of Lake Erie, there's a refreshing feel to this city. Check it out by booking your FlipKey vacation rental, today.

About Port Clinton

Known as the “Walleye Capital of the World”, because of the fish found in its waters, Port Clinton is hugely popular amongst the fishing fraternity. It's a big part of the local culture. Every New Year's Eve, the city drops a 20-foot-long fiberglass walleye fish into the Lake.

Based in Ottawa County, Ohio, the city was officially formed in 1828 and named after New York Governor, Dewitt Clinton. His legacy to Port Clinton was to give the go-ahead for the Erie Canal. Not far from Port Clinton sits Camp Perry, the National Guard training facility and military training base. Be sure to check out the world’s largest outdoor rifle range while you’re there.

At one time, industry in the town centered around a sawmill and supplying manufactured goods to local farmers. Farming and fruit growing and picking is still big business locally, while there's an increasing number of local small breweries and wineries. Why not sample them during your stay?

What to do

Enjoy an exciting, fast trip across the lake to the nearby Erie Islands in the Jet Express. There, you can sun yourself on the beaches, check out the farmer's stalls for fresh produce and even visit a drive-thru African Wildlife Safari Park (with added camel and pony rides).

Get a bit of history of the area by checking out the restored lighthouse. Built in 1896 and active for more than 30 years, the building, which is free to enter, can be found at the entrance of the Portage River.

If there's one thing you definitely have to do in Port Clinton, it's sample the local seafood, whether in one of the many specialty seafood restaurants in the city itself, or on the islands. Better still, for a completely upmarket and unique dining experience, book a table at Catawba island's Mon Ami Restaurant and Historic Winery.

Top Port Clinton travel tips

Good to visit at any time of the year, Port Clinton has great weather in the summer (average temperature in summer is 74 degrees fahrenheit), and pretty mild winters.

Fly into Port Clinton via Toledo Express or Cleveland Hopkins International Airport then get a bus and ferry. This will take around four hours 30 minutes. Driving is much quicker and a slightly shorter distance from Toledo (52 minutes).

For specialty food and good wine at non-restaurant prices, check out Basset's supermarket.

Get $2 off the Jet Express and $1 off the Miller Ferry tickets at the Port Clinton Welcome Center.

Port Clinton is today more or less a fishing community, with a side-line in tourism. This means a quaint locale with impressive restaurants and lots to do for visitors all year round. The nearby islands are a lovely respite from city living. Book your Port Clinton vacation rental today to find out more.