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About Revelstoke

As the name suggests, Revelstoke is a good place to relax and have a few laughs while on vacation.

Not too far from Vancouver and Calgary, it's right on the banks of the Columbia River. In fact, some of our FlipKey properties look right out over the river, others are higher up in the Mountain Resort. Whatever your preference, there’s a Revelstoke vacation rental for you.

About Revelstoke

Revelstoke itself is a small city in British Columbia. It was founded way back in the 1880s when the Canadian Pacific Railway was built.

It used to be a mining city, but now focuses on tourism, especially during the winter.

It's a great spot for snow sports enthusiasts! It even holds a record for Canada's snowiest winter. A whopping 2447 cm of snow fell on Mt Copeland, and the town itself received 779 cm! That's taller than most of the buildings!

Skiing and snowboarding has been popular in Revelstoke since 1910. There are plenty of slopes and trails to try, but best of all there's loads of ski-jumps so you can try out all of your tricks.

In the summer, things slow down a bit, but mountain biking, rock climbing and kayaking are still popular. However, if you come here in the summer you better be on the lookout... Revelstoke is prime black bear and grizzly habitat!

What to do in Revelstoke

First things first, you have to go skiing. Or snowboarding if you prefer. The snow's just too good to be missed, even if you've never done it before.

Because of the heavy snowfall, you could even try heli-skiing or cat skiing. And, if you're up for some real adventures, try snowmobiling. It's fantastic!

There are plenty of other activities to enjoy, too. The town itself is full of shops and museums to keep the whole family entertained during the holidays.

We suggest taking a kayaking tour out on the river, you may even spot some otters beavers or even sea lions while you're there.

Also, take this opportunity to go to an ice hockey match. The Revelstoke Grizzlies are the local junior team, and they're known for creating top NHL players! You never know, you might see a star of the future hitting the ice before he makes it big!

Top Revelstoke travel tips

Wrap up warm and prepare to shovel some snow in the winter! If you hire a car, you definitely need snow tires, so make sure your rental company knows that before you leave.

If you're there in the summer, make sure you have a bear bell – these will usually scare off the bears if they come a bit too close.

Whether you come for the summer or the winter, Revelstoke is a great vacation destination. And when you add in one of FlipKey's exciting rental properties, you know it's going to be a trip you'll remember forever.