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About Rhode Island

Don't let the size of the smallest state in the union fool you, Rhode Island packs more than expected into its salty coasts and picturesque towns. Plenty of culture and tons of activities make this place the ideal vacation destination for travelers.

For cuisine, Rhode Island's seafood is no joke. Feast on New England clam chowder, stuffies and tuna galore! The bustling cities and seaside towns appeal to every age group, so there is something for everyone in the Ocean State.

Some of the areas you will want to see include:

  • Providence: This funky city has had a facelift over the past couple of decades and now has a thriving Italian district as well as a hopping nightlife. Check out the sparkling discos, concert halls and bars oozing with diversity.
  • Jamestown: In contrast to the big city attractions of Providence, this quaint coastal town features fabulous cliffs and salt-splashed lighthouses just waiting for visitors to explore and adore.
  • Newport: Punctuated by the stunning jewels of American history, also known as the summer "cottages" of the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts, Newport has a scenic coastline and offers plenty of culture. With architecture, museums and vineyards, this terrific town has diverse offerings to suit every taste.
  • Narragansett: Famous for its jetty and ideal summer setting, Narragansett showcases beautiful white sands, museums, state parks, golf courses, restaurants and shopping.
  • Warwick: This city is the state's second largest after Providence. It provides visitors with Colonial-themed restaurants, marinas and Goddard Park, which includes a beach, golf course, horse stables and great areas for picnicking and playing.
  • Block Island: This pristine beach area is located off Block Island Sound's shore. It is characterized by exquisite bluffs and scenic sandy spots as well as excellent areas for hiking and biking.

The breathtaking surroundings have made Rhode Island weddings increasingly popular. For those craving outdoor adventure, Rhode Island campgrounds definitely make the grade. If you are partial to sightseeing via water, Rhode Island cruises will float your boat, while cultural buffs believe that the museums in Rhode Island are the best indulgence of all.

No matter what activity you end up partaking in, at the end of the day you can always find a comfortable place to stay through a vacation rental of your choice. A condo in downtown Providence is a great option for those craving nightlife and culture, while a beach rental is popular choice for those who desire wondrous waterfront views. A summer rental is often in high demand, so be sure to book early!