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The quaint streets, the architecture of Rhonda and the unique landscape of its inland location frequently draw visitors who are traveling along the coastal areas of Andaluc¡a. There are no beaches here, but instead jagged mountains rise up on the inland side. The town is split from the mountains coastward by El Tajo, a crag in the earth overgrown with emerald green gardens and the bustling relentless life of the town.

The visual drama of Rhonda has attracted artists and writers here from all over the world. Over the generations, these settlers have contributed to the growth of a quirky artistic culture and regional appreciation of beauty and life in its varied and unexpected forms.

Here are a few additional suggested things to see and do while you're here:

  • Explore El Tajo: El Tajo is the ancient narrow gorge that cuts through the city and is crossed by a heavy Romanesque bridge.
  • Take a cooking class: After experiencing the delicious tapas and seafood dishes of the Andalusia coast, take a class and learn how to bring these traditional flavors home with you.
  • Visit the Cuidad Romana de Acinipo: Explore the stone ruins of this centuries-old preserved historic village.
  • Take a tour of the Mondragon Palace: This historic castle has now been converted to a museum and is a wonderful place to learn about Spanish life in an earlier time.
  • Visit the Museo Del Vino: Learn more about the history of wine and the cultivation of wine grapes along the Costa del Sol at this fascinating museum.
  • Enjoy the nightlife: Experience the warmth and hospitality of coastal Spain in the lively restaurants and tapas bars of La Cuidad.

There are a wide variety of places to stay in and around Rhonda. As you plan your trip, you'll have no trouble finding a vacation rental that meets every one of your needs. Rent a cabin close to the base of the mountains, or find apartment or summer home close to the enchanting bustle and nightlife of La Cuidad.