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About St. Lawrence Gap

The liveliest spot on Barbados if you’re up for some dining, drinking and dancing, St Lawrence Gap – commonly known as The Gap – is where you’ll find the colorful, fun clubs and pubs after dark. During the day, there’s a lovely beach on which to pleasantly nurse your hangover - just find your beachfront apartment on FlipKey and you'll be ready to go!

About St. Lawrence Gap

More an evening resort than a day time playground, St. Lawrence Gap is a strange mixture of super-hotels, gourmet restaurants, run-down rum shacks and karaoke bars.

It's not too calm by day and a fun riot at night. In fact, it never really shuts down and sleeps.

Sitting on the south side of the island of Barbados, St. Lawrence Gap has been developed in recent years with an upgraded boardwalk, lighting, paving and beach area. The large inclusive hotel resorts sit at the eastern side of the town while the entertainment and bars are at the opposite end - we'd suggest finding a vacation rental there!

There is an impressive selection of varied cuisine from Asian to Western, European and – it seems – everything in between.

Barbados itself is known for its rum (made from molasses) with the first successful commercial distillery established in 1703 by English businessman Sir John Gay. Give it a try while you're there!

What to do in St. Lawrence Gap

Visit the Watering Hole, a traditional white wooden hut and rum shop. You should also take a tour around at least one of the island's famous rum distilleries.

Dine out on Friday night at the famous street party in the nearby village of Oistins. This is like a huge restaurant get-together with calypso and reggae music to dance to and where it's only fish on the menu. Choose from delicacies such as mahi-mahi, flying fish, swordfish and snapper.

You can get live jazz on Wednesday evenings at Pablo Dontes. It has a great party atmosphere!

In the Gap itself, Cafe Sol is an open-air cocktail bar and Mexican restaurant where many of the visiting airline crews choose to mingle. It offers half price drinks every night from 5 to 7pm.

Chattel Shopping Village is a pretty collection of pastel-painted 'houses' where you can stock up on Barbados crafts, textiles and other souvenirs for the folks back home.

Top travel tips for St. Lawrence Gap

The nightlife here—including the restaurants—doesn’t really start until 11.30pm.

A taxi from Barbados Airport to St Lawrence Gap is priced pretty reasonably at under €20 (if you share with others). It's cheaper too if you don't pre-book your trip.

Even if you've been to one rum distillery it doesn't mean you've 'seen them all.' Every distillery has a unique story to tell and the rum is different at each. Some charge but others offer free entrance and tastings.

An extremely lively spot on this friendly and fun island, understandably St Lawrence Gap tends to attract a younger crowd and couples rather than families or those seeking rest along with their relaxation.

Whoever you are, you'll be able to find your perfect vacation rental on FlipKey! But just a warning - you'll need plenty of energy to last the pace in this busy town.