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About San Carlos

San Carlos, Sonora, is in northern Mexico, situated between the beautiful Sea of Cortez (or Gulf of California) and the Teta Kawi Mountains. San Carlos has everything—whale-watching opportunities, hiking, bars, restaurants, clubs and a beautiful beach with water sports. Find your perfect vacation rental on FlipKey and start planning!

About San Carlos, Sonora

The area was once populated by several Indian tribes, some of whom believed that the Tetas mountains were sacred. The Guaymas (a native American tribe) fought off the Spanish conquerors. They couldn't settle in the area around San Carlos until the 18th century,

Although the history of the area goes back around 2,000 years, San Carlos is a relatively new vacation destination.

El Día de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) has been celebrated in Mexico for over 3,000 years. It is now listed by UNESCO as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The celebrations are truly spectacular and well worth seeing, so time your trip at the beginning of November to soak up the atmosphere.

Sonoran cuisine and that of San Carlos mainly features fish and seafood. Try Pescado Zarandeado, a delicious dish of grilled fish wrapped in banana leaves.

You can do almost anything in San Carlos. Take your pick of terrain - beach, desert or mountain! You won't be disappointed with your vacation.

What to do in San Carlos, Sonora

Apart from the many watersports on offer at the beach, you can also follow the short Ojo de Agua trail and hike through the Nacapule Canyon. This trail is closed for hiking on Mondays, but open the rest of the week. Visit at the weekend and use this chance to try zip-lining!

Charter a boat and visit San Pedro Nolasco island and go snorkeling or scuba diving. You can even swim with the native sea lions—kids love them!

Visit Estero El Soldado (Soldiers' Estuary) and see how many species of birds you see. It's a 180-acre coastal lagoon to the southeast of San Carlos Bay. There's an amazing beach there called San Francisco Bay.

If you enjoy horse-riding, you can hire a horse at El Rancho Del Desierto and ride along the beach. But if you're less of an animal lover and feeling energetic, hike up to the Cerro Tetakawi peak. Be sure to take water with you!

Top travel tips for San Carlos, Sonora

When you arrive at General José María Yáñez International airport, you can take a taxi into San Carlos. The fares are standard and regulated by the taxi union.

If you need to, you can rent a car at the airport for about 700 pesos a day ($70.00). Alternatively, you catch the San Jose bus to Guaymas for 7 pesos (.70 cents). Then take another bus to San Carlos. It’s worth knowing that you can hail a bus even if you are not at a bus stop.

Why not visit San Carlo, Sonora, during your next vacation? Whatever age you are, there will be plenty for you to do, from watersports to mountain hiking. For an unforgettable experience, find your perfect vacation rental for your trip now on FlipKey!