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About San Jose

With stunning volcanoes to the north and the breathtaking Talamanca Mountains to the south, San José—the vibrant capital of Costa Rica—is a beauty you must experience! Found in the Central Valley, this lively and colorful city is one of the most important travel destinations in Latin America.

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About San José

Founded in 1738, San José is one of the youngest capital cities in Latin America, but the city's abundance of art and culture mean you're never hard pressed to find something interesting to look at! The city's ornate buildings, as well as the Costa Rican Spanish spoken by the locals, are reminders of the region's Spanish colonial past.

The tropical climate makes a perfect escape from the chill of the winter months. Peak travel season lies between November and April, however, with the average temperature staying between 21 and 23⁰C, you can avoid busier times and still take in the best of what the area has to offer. 

What to do in San José

Come and see San José’s breathtaking architecture! The National Theatre and National Museum should be on the top of your to-do list as the European-inspired buildings are just as striking from the outside as from within.

Enjoy an authentic Costa Rican coffee whilst relaxing outside in one of the city’s beautiful plazas. Spend an evening in one of many wonderful theatres or get swept away in the city’s vibrant night life.

Don’t forget to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, an essential expedition into the background of San José, brimming with art and culture. The Pre-Colombian Gold Museum is unmissable, too—with its dazzling treasures, you're guaranteed to take away a sparkling memory!

For you outdoor adventurers, head to the Parque Nacional or La Sabana Metropolitan Park. Explore the Arenal Volcano, one of the most picturesque parts of Costa Rica, only 90km from San José.

Top up your adventure by visiting the Cordillera de Talamanca to the southwest of San José. These mountains mark the Panama-Costa Rican border and are covered by rainforests blooming with a wonderful diversity of plants and wildlife.

 Top travel tips for San José

Wondering what to eat during your stay? Head towards a soda. These are traditional, affordable Costa Rican restaurants where you will be able to enjoy delicious national dishes such as gallo pinto and casado.

If you are visiting to enjoy the vistas and hiking, remember to take appropriate footwear and sun protection!

Travelling around San José is easy as there are good public transport links between the district and metropolitan areas, with a choice of trams, trains, buses and taxis to suit any travel needs.

Whether you fancy a city break or a hiking trip, to drink in the local art and culture or simply relax and appreciate Costa Rica’s natural beauty, find your perfect stay in San José with FlipKey!